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Coronavirus and The Fitness Equipment Industry

Wondering how your country’s fitness equipment industry is going.

I’m in Australia and there’s talk of starting to reverse restrictions over time now. Could mean a few months until gyms open I dunno. In the mean time and over the last few months demand has skyrocketed, theres 10x regular business, stock is sold out and fulfilment of orders is weeks behind.

Equipment suppliers here seem to have the greatest opportunity ever but seem to be a little slow on taking advantage. Restocks are slow and in a few months demand might be completely different. Some companies that usually don’t sell equipment are just recently starting to offer racks, weights etc. for the first time but they come in stock in a few months also. Could a company be in the unlucky position of having restocked lots just as demand drops?

Facebook marketplace is full of price gouging with 2nd hand weight plates going for at least double retail price for new stuff. I hope no one is actually buying it.

I’m looking forward to picking up some bargains on the other side of this.

Stay safe everyone.

Also I’ve seen some great innovation from companies in this time to cater to home gyms like Stand or Submit who make much of the strongman stuff used in Australia.

They are gonna start selling a “Utility Yoke” that can be configured into a rack for bench/squats, yoke, frame carry/trap bar deadlift, farmers handles, sled, dip/chin up station, and comes with an axle so u can do a bunch of movements with it too. If I was interested in Strongman it’d be very useful.

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A few months?!

I’m hoping the Australian government lets us back in sooner than that. I’m hoping for 2-3 weeks.

Personally I’m not interested in a home gym. I live in an apartment and try to be minimalist. With the advent of 24 hour gyms, I don’t see the point of having a home gym at the moment.


Fingers crossed but I doubt anything is gonna go down in a few weeks. If anything it’ll be a slow painful process of relaxing restrictions a little monitoring them and then reversing them quickly if require. Step forward and half a step back for a while. Vaccine is the only thing that would really make things right but that might be in 6 months - 2 years. Maybe never

I really think we have got it under control here. 3 weeks and things should all return to normal.

Where in Australia are you? I’m in a regional town in WA, currently with zero cases. Still, heaps of people here have lost their jobs. Luckily I have kept mine, just losing my mind because of no gym or bjj.


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Melbourne. We are doing really well as a country. The nature of this thing is that it can get out of hand quick. Like how that hospital in Tassy went. It really needs to be minimal cases and lot of proactive testing in case an outbreak happens.

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Hard to ramp up production when no one can go to work.

That thing is awesome. I do want it.

I believe the problem in the US is that the suppliers, local retailers and online retailers are all shut down due to being non-essential. Plus the local retailers like the Walmarts are concentrating on essential delivery anyway so not sure it would make much difference. Used weights are going for $5/lb and up.
I was lucky enough to buy early and got a dip station, pull up bar and bench before they were all sold out. I had some weights but still ended up paying through the nose for more used plates.


Production is where the supply chain is tight. It was tightening even in Feb and March for companies that were supplied from China. Dick’s sporting goods bumped their prices here, and had low inventories weeks before the disease swelled here in the US.

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There was also some change ups stateside with Rogue buying Elite, then the mass of people deciding to get home set ups all at once.

I think the actual manufacturing has been a thing for a while, and in the other thread it was talked about that Rogue is dying for fabricators now more than ever.

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There’s a Rogue Australia website but has been super sold out. I dunno how Rogue v Rogue AU works but I don’t think there’ll be an Ohio Power Bar available in Oz for a while

Are we talking China or the US?

In Oz companies/staff are working their butts off pulling staff from customer service and other things to warehouse work to fulfill orders. There’s some measures into place to slow Covid the those kind of businesses still going.

There’s a few companies who manufacture in Australia and they are churning out equipment but aren’t keeping up too well.

Live in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Manhattan, otherwise have an amazing gym to powerlift in. Once I knew this shutdown was going to happen I bought a ton of dumbells (shout-out to EliteFTS!) and also found a folding adjustable bench from Target. I’ve been basically doing my 4 day a week lifting except it’s all RE.

I expect major shifts in people’s appreciation of home gyms. My wife and I are moving to the suburbs this summer regardless and I can’t wait to get a ton of great equipment. I wouldn’t be surprised to see production ramp up, especially with an emphasis on “all in one” type racks.


If production ramps up, there will be some great deals as most of them go out of business. A business model based on a short-lived, pandemic fed problem is not likely to last long. And there will be a ton of cheap second-hand stuff glutting the market in about 6 months.

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I’m thinking about that too. If the corona virus “windfall” for these businesses falls through earlier than expected than they’ll have taken two steps forward and one back when all’s said and done

What’s your dream home set up look like? It’ll be a good time to put it together on the back end of all this chaos

I want to go all out. A really good power rack, one good bar to bench and squat with another to deadlift with, platform, couple adjustable benches, dumbells 5-130 lbs, all bumper plates (rogue or eleiko), pulley system, reverse hyper machine, 45 degree back raise, etc.

Dam $$$

It is but I’m happy to spend enough to ensure I’ve got an awesome set up and will want for nothing. Hey, maybe it’ll get me some friends too haha.

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