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Cornell Invents PWI


Apparently, they've created artificial intelligence in every possible meaning of the term:


Very impressive.


Hilarious. And really incredible. The male is clever and sarcastic while the female is contradictory and irrational.


Meh, I have parrots that can do that.


Let me know when someone comes up with AI that can learn.


And she managed to mangle the name of a piece of technology too!


I wonder if Turing fully considered that we dilute out human intelligence to the point that we become indistinguishable from computers?


Yep, that is the only criteria that concerns me.

To some extent software programs can learn but only to some limited degree that they are programmed for -- for example, voice recognition.

However, human learning also consists of how we relate previously unrelated ideas to each other in new and meaningful ways. This requires an intuition and an imagination and that is why I think it is impossible for computers to replace human learning.


Only a matter of time before a 10 dollar calculator could pass it.

No, wair, it could do simple math.

Dead giveaway.