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Just got to thinking this evening about corn. I really dont ever eat it anymore. Very rarely. What got me to notice this was my recent move to the sticks and seems this years cash crop for all the farmers is corn.

Just wondering how many other T-folk do or do not eat corn on a regualr basis. I mean I do like corn on the cob and such. I just dont seem to fit it in to my diet. Might be from all the evils of corn syrups and starches and such, I dunno.

Just something that crossed my mind.


I don’t eat it anymore.

I look at it like this, anything they add to animal feed as a filler, isn’t going to be in my diet. Look at corn on the cob, it’s all you eat, and it fills you up. And where is the protein? That’s a Fat + Carb meal.

Oh, TC did something on corn feed cattle.