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Corn Syrup Solids?

What exactly are corn syrup solids?

Are they the same as maltodextrin? or High fructose corn syrup?

what is their Glycemic Index?


Well guess, come on! Two thirds of the name pretty much describes the whole deal. It’s a form of sweetener used in various cakes, ice creams and whatnot. From what I can remember it adds some substantial texture properties to the food which is why they use it.

DOes anyone know anything about COrn SYrup SOlids?

just a form of sugar, i guess made from corn obviously. Google it. It’s the quickest way to do it unless you’re that lazy to do and make us work for it! lol

I did google it and I can’t find anything as far a molecular stucture and GLycemic INdex.

Is it high is fructose?

I googled too but didn’t find what I was looking for either. I mean what exactly it is and everything.

Oh, brother

It’s basically just corn syrup in DRY FORM. To see whether they are high in fructose, glucose and other simple sugars you have to see the packaging for Dextrose Equivalency levels. But they tend to have plenty of fructose just like the corn syrup they are made of. Different products have different DE levels and come in different varieties and grain sizes.

so are they just like their high frucose corn syrup brothers?

50/50 fructose/glucose?

That is what I really want to know(the ratio)


Google dosen’t ssem to know either.