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Corn Syrup Solids Post-Workout?

I use a MRP shake post-workout which uses “corn syrup solids” as its primary carb source.

Is this a good idea?

Where are corn syrup soids on the GI scale?

Are they more like Maltodextrin or more like table sugar in their composition?

thanks for your help T-nation,

Anyone know the answer? Corn syrup ok carb source after training or not?

Short answer NO!!!

It is pretty much just concentrated high fructose corn syrup and IMO should not only be avoided PWO due to its high fructose contant but ALL times. It is products like this that are very high bon the scale of the obesity problem. All these damn corn products and biproducts.

I am pretty sure it was TC who wropte about all the corn products, and how they are used being the highest single leading factor to FATNESS. With the oils, high fructose corn syrups, livestock feed screwing up usually great fat profiles, etc.

So no. while fructose in general is not bad when taken in the form of fruit which is NOT all fructose. but was NEVER meant to be ingested in that high of an amount, has to be processed by the liver which causes undue strain. Etc.

Oh and fast NO fructose gets a 22 GI as opposed to malto which actually goes oss the scale at like 104 I think.

As usual just my opinion for what thats worth,

Got this form the SWIS review:

Charles Poliquin speaking -

“? According to Charles, high fructose corn syrup is so bad it should be illegal. Fructose doesn’t raise insulin enough and isn’t effectively cleared from the bloodstream. This leads to glycation of the cells, which is basically caramelization from the inside. Charles describes fructose as the guest who doesn’t leave the party at 3AM.”

Doesn’t sound too healthy, now does it?

Bro, while you’re at it, why not mix in some hydrogenated oil into your PWO nutrition plan? Corn syrup and hydrogenated oil are the scurge(s) of society.

Corn Syurp is bad for the body bro. Stay away from it.