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Core Workouts, AB Blitz. CT Style


Hey coach, Start off with loving the new program, only in week 4 but I can definitely see this is something I will be sticking with for a while. Before i get started I wanted to make a point clear. I know everyone has there two cents, and at most times I don't mind it, and sometimes I find it even beneficial. But, as stated in the article series this is the way Coach CT trains, it is his program, so im trying to get his feel.

Anyway my question to you is on your AB Blitz. You say you train your core infrequently, I find myself doing that as well, but I don't think ever did it right. Lol. So for the weighted and un-weighted superset I find myself pretty lost with exercise selection. Do you think you can give me some examples of what you do for a few days. Another question is about repeating exercises, should i be doing the same superset for two weeks straight, or cycle them. Like I said, im only really looking for what YOU do, I know there are a bunch of good core exercises out there, but i see you are outside the circle of what normal trainers prescribe. Im intrested in what you find works and what doesnt.

Thanks coach



no response?


CT hates it when people repeat their questions. Just so you know.


wted abs - cable crunch variations, cable chops, ankle wt leg raises
unwted abs - tradiaional crunches, leg raises, rotations

i'd repeat the same week myself


It's the holidays for me as well... I'm only human and can't be everywhere at once!!!

I use two ''routines'' when training abs during a blitz phase. One is based on the weighted/unweighted approach and the other one is a volume accumulation approach based on the work of Vince Gironda. I normally alternate both routines throughout the week.


A1. Cable crunches 8-10 reps
no rest
A2. Swiss ball crunches max reps (slow tempo, keep abs tensed throughout the set)

Perform the superset 3-5 times

B1. Pullover crunches (search for it, I'm pretty sure that they are included in one of my old articles) x 8-10 reps
no rest
B2. Garhammer raise (also do a search, it's in one of my old articles) x max reps, slow tempo

Perform the superset 3-5 times


A. Cable crunches 8 x 8 WITH ONLY 15 SEC. OF REST BETWEEN SETS (so basically one long ass set with mini breaks)

B. Seated cable crunches (on the lat pulldown machine, back to the machine, using a rope) 8 x 8, 15 sec. of rest

C. Swiss ball crunches 8 x 8 , 15 seconds of rest

D. Bench knees pull-in 8 x 8 15 sec. of rest


Thanks so much CT. I only repeated cause i figured you didnt notice.

P.S. Quit trying to pass off as a human.




CT: Would you be able to repost your reference to how to perform the Garhammer Raise and Pullover Crunch please or if you have the link to your original referene? I did a search but couldn't find the reference.




Do you do full ab workouts on neural charge days as well?