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Core Workout

Hey guys, just wondered if you could help me out. I’ve trained for a few years but it was mostly calisthenics for gymnastics and martial arts, it wasn’t until recently that i’ve started using weights.

Anyways, i’m trying to get a training program sorted out to start tomorrow. I’m going to be following Chad Waterbury’s ‘Total Body Training’ and just wondered if I needed or could include more specific core training?

For example, could I include a circuit such as:
Hanging Leg Raises 1-4 8-12 311 -
Rope Crunch 1-4 8-12 311 -
Reverse Crunch 1-4 8-12 311 -
Weighted Ball Crunch 1-4 8-12 311 1-2 minutes

on the full body workout days, or perhaps I could include it on the days in between?

I’m just wondering if this is too much or even if the ‘Total Body Training’ program will be enough on its own?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope I haven’t been too vague.


Heres the link to the program i’m going to be following:

Even if i’m being a complete noob, any feedback would be greatly appeciated :frowning:

I don’t know your goals, but here’s some food for thought.

“The body is one piece. Treat it that way.”

Front Plank-Hold, 1 minute 30 seconds
2 x Side Plank-Holds, 1 minute 30 seconds
20 Rowing sit-ups
20 Slow wide-arm press-ups 2secs down
25 Normal sit-ups

Given to the novice rowers to develop their functional core. Done every day.

I wouldn’t go that crazy with a lot of ab movements, but it’s probably okay to throw some ab work in at the end probably. Pick a different movement for each day and do a 3-4 sets, etc.

zercher squats, high reps, very fun

[quote]HK24719 wrote:
I don’t know your goals, but here’s some food for thought.

“The body is one piece. Treat it that way.”[/quote]

“I dont try anything. I just do it. You want to try me?”

I love that last quote. So true about most gymnastics and martial arts when pushing the boundaries. There is no half way point between a full in a flip, you either do it or you don’t.

Are you man enough to do it?

I find that chin-ups provide some ab work for me, plus grip and bicep work. Maybe it’s just the way I do them, cause right now I do them so my abs have to catch my legs and pull them up with me.

Try modifying your workouts and include a BOSU and a ball. Very good in improving core balance. For example, stand on the ball with your knees and preform cable curls :wink: