Core Work while Powerlifting

Hey everyone first time poster here. I have a few questions over doing core work in my training regiment.
First off I would like to say that i do absolutely no core work at all. But I feel that I have a really strong core for what I’ve got to work with. I am only able to workout 3 days a week and I plan on during the summer going upwards of 6 days a week.

Tight now on Tuesdays I do Chest, Shoulders, and Tris, then I do either Back or Legs on Sunday or Saturday. Depends on what I fell that day. But to my question. Should I try to implement core work? If so, when should I try to get it in? If any other information is needed let me know I’ll be happy to share.

Yes, do. You cN even do it on off days at work or home… At the gym do some in your warm-up and between sets of accessory exercises or finishers. Keeps you fresh for the main work

Yeah you don’t have to go crazy with it. Just add 3-5 sets of basic exercises like hanging leg raises, situps, barbell rollouts, into your workouts 3 times a week or so. A little bit will go a long way, especially if you already feel like your core is pretty strong - adding the extra stuff will just make sure you never run into problems with core strength.

Front squats

Thanks guys helped alot. I’ll try it out. Are their any other cora exersizes I need to know about.

I like weighted leg raises on dip bars and L-sit chin ups for sets of 5-8 ish

[quote]PJS2010 wrote:
I like weighted leg raises on dip bars and L-sit chin ups for sets of 5-8 ish[/quote]
Thanks man ill do it sometime.

About 2x a week i’ll finish a workout with 3-5 minutes of planks and about 3x20 weighted situps. Also I rarely squat with a belt anymore and I think that has improved my core strength more than anything.