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Core Work for Fellow +40 Guys?


I haven't been a big core guy most of my life and my back is screaming about it. Seems like when I am done with a workout the last thing I have energy for is grueling core work.

Since it needs to become a priority for me I am thinking of starting off all my workouts by working the core first. That way there are no excuses and its done. I think Dan John once wrote they used to do this back in the day and it worked well.

Anyone else start off their workouts with doing Abs?


Hi, Toshiero. What exercises are leaving your back sore?

My story's a bit different, have scoliosis, years ago did a ton of core work as rehab for it. Now squats and deadlifts seem to keep core OK.

When doing rehab only, it's easy to focus on core stuff.

I start my workout with the toughest work - squats, bench, etc - so I'll have energy for them. Maybe if you set aside an entire workout for miscellaneous stuff like core, rotator cuff, etc? Just a thought.


Nothing is making my back sore but having weak abs lol. I never have worked them hard and have 'an ab' right now. Bad pelvic tilt from lack of core work.

I was just wondering how many here have done core work at the begining of their workouts?


After really good warm up.. I do some rotational work ( alt toe touches, choping drills, and hip rolls), then go into working abs then lower back or vice versa. I am doing this 3x a week & it has made a BIG difference. I would suggest Alyson Cosgrove's "New Rules for lifting for ABS"..lots of Planks, side planks, wheel roll outs, hyperextensions, reverse hypers, RDL's supermans and others. My core is solid now I can feel my abs solid when just lying on the couch..Part of getting older, have to pay more attention to things we ignored in youth... flexability, core work, etc.

I would also get a good chiropractor, find a good masseuse, and a roller foam.


yes, planks planks planks!!

i've experimented with abdominal activation work (planks!!) first and it works great! the idea isn't to fatigue them, just to activate them, so they work properly during my training to keep my back safe. glute activation (e.g., sky humps) also seems to help a lot.

i particularly notice it helping in overhead pressing (which sometimes puts pressure on my lumbar spine when my glutes and abs aren't kicking in) and in helping me remain upright for my front squats. actually, i find it helps me use my lats properly with chins, too... and hold a good position with push-ups... and rows... not sure that there is anything it doesn't help.

my abs feel more tired after my training, too, since they have actually been working properly.


Ironwill, thanks that is exactly what I was thinking. I will look up the article but all the exercises you mention are going to be in the arsenal. Planks are going to be the main thing I work on. normal, side, superman etc. I want to work up where I can do the ab wheel the right way from a standing position but I am going to take my time to get there.

As for the low back, I am going to do a light 3x10 hypers before hitting any heavy weight on any day. It is just good to get those muscles warmed up and get fluid moving in the disks space. After leg press on leg day I plan on doing RDL's every week, GREAT all around lift.

Thanks for the impute guys, starting with core is what I am going to do.


Thanks for the impute Alexus