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Core Training

Just wondering if any of yall could point me too or give me some good info on how to approach the core as it pertains to PL

Not looking for hawt abs, not looking to play on rings, not looking to bust my ass on a inflatable ball.

Just looking for a little something to help squats and deads.

I don’t have access to a GHR, the only thing Ive ever done/still do is weighted declined sit ups with a dumbell and heavy side bends, just to do something I guess.

I honestly don’t know what I’m looking for, or expecting from this post lol, I guess I just got to wondering if any of yall advanced guys, Stormthebeach, Dixie, and so on did anything specific.

You’re welcome.

Not one of the advanced dudes you mentioned, but bought a $12 Ab Wheel and have been impressed with it. I take chains and drape them around my shoulders. I even threw some weight on my neck harness and used it, looked ridiculous but hurt so good.

Thanks guys

The land mine side bends look awesome, and I can actually jam a bar in a corner and do them

Man I totally forgot the ab wheel even existed, and the only time I ever tried one it smoked me lol

I guess I singled those 2 out because they are crazy strong but still maintain a “slender” yet stacked waist line

Anyways any advice is always appreciated

Hear that Dixie? You’re “slender”. You lose :stuck_out_tongue:

Did someone just use “slender” in a sentence…on the PL forum. HERESY! GTFO!!!

Liquid - Slender? Its the thought that counts haha.

OP, to answer your question, weighted decline sit ups, the ab rollout wheel thingamajig, and kneeling cable abs are really the extent of my direct ab work.

For lower back, I just pull a lot, and do back extensions (weight and bw) on that free standing thing, and on the seated machine version.


Cool, thanks again guys

Lying leg raises, planks, and RDLS.