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Core Training for Hockey


anyone know what excercises i do for core training for hockey that i could do on daily basis's to improve my hockey preformace on the ice?


Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Sumo Deadlifts
Roman Chair Hyperextensions
Roman Chair Reverse Hyperextensions
Oblique Crunch

Try those. 3x 10


What kind of performance help are you looking for? Shooting, skating speed, checking?


Christian Thibaudeau addressed a similar question regarding ab training for athletes in this thread:


Personally -- and I'm no expert -- I don't stress the direct ab work too much even in the off season. Squats and deads seem to go a long way for me in working the core, as do overhead presses. But I do some direct work usually twice weekly after workouts. Anyway I hope that helps.


Rather than recommend specfic exercises I would say take a look at Michael Boyles "functional training for sports" book and/or torso training videos that are available from performbetter.com . Mr.Boyle has coached the bruins,boston university as well as the us womens national/olympic hockey teams. His programs have helped me immeasurably in both my playing performance and coaching in hockey. One other thing you should look at if you want to improve your game is an article on Mr. boyle`s web site michaelboyle.biz called "From the ice up" that can form the basis of your entire program. good luck gymrat


well im more of a hitter if anythign im 5"9 205 with a body fat of 14% , some of my numbers are Bench- 405 1RM
squat- 495 4RM , Deadlift- 405 1RM (no straps) ... so as u can see if anyhting id need to work on would prolly be the core, I just want to have more power in my ab area.


After reading Shugart's report on the NSCA conference, I'd say tire flipping might be good.


another great resource is "complete condition for ice hockey" by peter twist...its got all sorts of great training info in it...


I'd say for some GPP hit a tire with a sledgehammer for rounds of a designated time.


Landry the Peter Twist book is also a great source-he was the canucks strength coach for over 10 years- I attended a one day seminar by him last year at the ncca conference in minn. He also has three hockey training videos-speed, agility, and quickness-upper body power-and lower body power:legs and core. I think they are availabe on nsca web site as well as humankinetics.com



Try some overhead squats. Then you will see how weak your "core" really is.


You sound like a Jordan Tootoo kind of a guy. Low center of gravity, and plenty of weight to throw around. Thats what im trying for. Except im 5'11" 230, with probably 20%bf. Anyway, i have noticed that oblique work helps a lot with stability when skating and hitting. The leg lifts have helped me too. Ever since I started focusing more on abs I have had less back pain too on the ice. Its amazing how important abs are in hockey, and overall back health. BTW, PM me, how old are you? where do you play,level etc.?