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'Core' Strengthening


I am suffering from years and years of lower back problems that finally came to a head 4 weeks ago. While playing Rugby I herniated a disc in my lower lumbar. I am on the way back to recovery and I get little to no pain, but still experience numbness down my right leg/into my toes.

I am working out almost daily to improve the strength of my 'core,' with special emphasis on my posterior chain (glutes, hams, transverse abd) while trying to loosen up my hams and hips.

Please give me feedback pertaining to specific exercises that have worked for you in regards to overall core strength and stability.

Currently I am doing all bodyweight exercises, including; low box step ups, hip raises, 1 leg exercises (bulgarians, romans, squats), 45 deg hypers, wannabe reverse hypers, planks/bridges, mckenzies, lying hip thrusts, leg raises (being very careful) and I am also intednding to do more stretching, but somehow that doesnt always eventuate! Typical aye?!?

Anyways hope you guys can help. Cheers...