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Core Stability


Hi guys,

I'm 38 so not getting injured is my top priority. However I got to the point where I started just doing Power Sn & CJ due to bad mobility and the excuse of avoiding injury. Thankfully that's fixed (took 3 months thouogh) and I'm back doing full sn + cj. Both O lifts are progressing nicely again.

However as I had immobile hips (and barely activated glutes and rhomboids) for so long my lumber spine became hypermobile to compensate - especially in extension.

To remedy this I am trying to strengthen my core with Bb Rollouts and Candlesticks for the front part - it's working really well. Paloff press and similar for the rotational aspect - working okay.

My intention was to use GMs to strengthen the rear core (aka lower back) but I just seem to do them terribly - even starting at silly light weights or no weight. Could I use Pendlay Rows instead?

And in the frontal plane I'd like to progress to be able to do Flags. Does anybody know any good progressions to get there beside just doing them with bent knees? I've seen the beast skills page and I got to do Musclups from there but it doesn't seem to help so much for flags.

Thanks in advance for any advice - sorry if it's not a strictly OL post but it will help me keep OLing =)


I wouldn't put too much focus on core work, just keep it simple. Using the ab roller and doing weighted planks is pretty much all you need, no need for that rotational aspect or thinking about it in planes or whatever. Hanging leg raises (or knees to elbows) are also good. In terms of the low back, keep doing GMs, if you suck at them with light weight, then that is a clear weakness of yours - work on that. Back extensions 3x10 help too, weighted or not.


if the problem is mobility no matter how much core work you do the lumbar's will always go into hyper extension and there will be a potential for injury. once you fix the hip mobility, hammy flexibility and thoracic mobility you might find your cores stronger than you think it is.


Thanks PB Andy - I've used planks but curiously never added weight - is it as simple as putting a plate on your midsection?

Hanging leg raises tend to cause me more harm than good though.

You're right about GMs I will persist.

What do you think of Pendlay rows for low back?


Thanks Boldar,

No, the problem is no longer mobility in the right places (hips etc . as I said I've fixed that) it's residual excessive mobility from when my lumbar spine had to flex and extend to compensate. I have learned bad move patterns that I hope I can unlearn-

I unnecessarily extend my lumbar spine when I stand up from sitting - yet the first pull is not a problem because I am consciously tensing my core. The problem is getting the abs to switch on at the right time. At the top of the second pull I need to fire my glutes more snd make sure my abs don't go asleep. I suppose it's as much a question of timing as much as strength. I'm trying to improve both aspects.


There are better options for targeting the low back... band good mornings, bb good mornings, back ext.