Core Power Training

1st. Thanks in advance for all who respond. Your wisdom/advice is appreciated.

I am a 39 yr old white male. 6’0", 225lbs. I have rotten cardiovascular and muscle endurance. My BP is 118/80, sitting pulse is 76.

I want to get my weight down to 200-205lbs with 8 to 10% bodyfat; drop BP down around 100/70, seated pulse around 60 or lower.

I want my exercise routine to be about power functional power in my daily activities. I am not looking to be a male model or anything that self centered. I’m married to my best friend and I want to be alive to enjoy her into my 90’s. I don’t want to bench press or squat 500lbs. I just want overall power and endurance.

So what I am asking is what resources outside of plyometrics and yoga for stretching can you offer? What kind of diet should I be on?

In no way am I an expert, but as for the nutrition part to help with BP and cholesterol, I’m sure a quick checkup with your doctor could help put you on a good diet. As for weight training for your goals, you should probably wait for someone else to respond. :slight_smile:

Lift heavy to build a base of muscle and strength. Use a balanced program such as Waterbury’s Total Body Training and do not neglect exercises for the posterior chain - deadlifts, rows, good mornings etc. The posterior chain is very important to “daily activity” strength - picking stuff up, carrying it around, digging holes in the ground etc.

Here are some other good “daily strength” exercises. This is NOT a complete workout program but you could use some of these exercises in Total Body Training or this could be one day of your workout week:

Most importantly just because your goals are modest doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard. If you take this seriously and work your ass off you should make quick progress and feel much better in just a few months. Then you should realize you want to feel even better and keep working. Maybe not on a 500 pound bench press but at least on a 500 pound deadlift.

Best gains I have ever had inre to overall body composition and rapid fat loss were from a pretty silly routine. Will write to you more directly if you want to hear the details, but won’t here in respect to space. The first part of the workout was strength focus.

The second part was multiple circuits (8-10)of 3 compound exercises, 3 reps with a weight I could get at least 6 if not more reps with. no rest, station to station. Caught my wind while stretching and then went to a Tabata style exercise. I ate clean. long story long, put your effort in and you’ll get amazing results