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Core Performance

Has anyone tried the “Core Performance” workout outlined in Mark Verstegen’s book of the same name? I got mine in the mail yesterday and I just starting to read it. I’d be really interested in the results anyone has experienced on this program.


Yeah, I’m right in the middle of it – tomorrow, I finish week 3 of Phase 2. It’s different, it’s not bodybuilding, powerlifting, or Oly lifting. I like it, it’s challenging.

The program is an adaptation of the program that Verstegen uses to train professional and Olympic athletes. He’s got a pretty good record – he’s trained Nomar Garciaparra for years; he trains college seniors for the NFL combine and has had some early round draft picks; others include a lot of professional hockey players, the gold-medal winning U.S. women’s soccer team, not to mention the Indian men’s field hockey team.

Whether you like it depends on what your goals are. It is all training in preparation for doing something else. If your thing is pushing heavy iron, then it’s most likely not the program for you.