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Core Performance by Verstegen

Has anyone ever read Core Performance by Mark Verstegen? I thought it was a interesting book however, it was geared towards beginnners. My question is do you think it is a good program if athletic performance is the goal ie. MMA/BJJ|?

The program is fine and so are the exercises. I found it most interesting for the dynamic warmup, the prehab, and the recovery/foam rolling instructions. I think everyone could benefit from reading the book.

You can view a lot of the exercises online as well!!!

My unit switched over from the traditional military circle jerk PT program(‘OK, circle up…now do some pushups…sow some crunches…now more pushups…now run a long damn time’) because it was finally identified that our PT program was doing nothing to prevent injuries on the boats.

Our new/current program(about 3-4 years now) is built off of Verstegens work out at API, in fact we send a lot of guys out there for a week to do the little ‘nuts and bolts’ indoc they put together for us(hows and whys). I should be going out there in the next few months, might try to get an extra week if I can come up with the do-re-mi.

Since we have switched to this program, our trainer has noted a marked decrease in injuries at our command. The ones he does still see are usually either leftovers from pre-existing conditions, or the result of a bad PLF. Riding the boats doesn’t seem to be breaking guys anymore.

If getting hurt riding a boat sounds dumb, try riding a 30foot long boat through 4-6 foot seas, and you have to go at least 25 MPH. At night.