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Core Flexability & Conditioning, with Minimal Equipment

In the past 10 years I haven’t gained 1 lb but I have lost 6 inches off my chest,
and we all know where that went…

So, I have drawn up a 7 day schedule 2 groups/day.

Day #1 Power Clean___Pull-ups
Day #2 Deadlift___Dips
Day #3 Leaning Rows___Supine Press
Day #4 Sit-ups
Day #5 Squat___Shoulder Press
Day #6 Lat/Tri Press___Reverse Curls
Day #7 L O A F

I am familiar with the above exercises.
I want to spend the first 8-12 weeks working on flexability, core conditioning, and technique.
The first 4-6 weeks I will be pounding out sets of 30 reps for 20 min each
(except dips and pull-ups, I’ll have to start with negative reps first).
The second 4-6 weeks I will drop to 8-12 reps for 20 min each.
After that I should have a good base, and will start a hypertrophy phase.
Suggestions? Other exercises you would reccomend?
Should I decrease the time, and increase the # of exercises?



I am not going to buy equipment yet. I am going to wait and see what I really need.
I would like a bench and cage, but my basement and garage only have 6.9 foot clearance.
So meanwhile, I am using straw bales instead of a bench,
and I would like to buy/build blocks for when I move away from plate to true Olympic squats.
I could also switch from supine to bench press, if I had blocks…
Anyone know how to build some sturdy blocks, suggestions?
Also, I don’t have chin-up/dip bars (currently using rafters & conduit), suggestions?
PPS. I have a $400 budget (less the $150 I already spent on a 300 lb Olympic Weight set)

That graphic is awesome.

I like your program because it’s incredibly simple, but I don’t think it’ll be particularly useful for… anything, other than getting you moving again (I’m assuming you were completely sedentary for the last 10 years).

Instead of trying to build a ‘base’ (and I’m assuming you’re referring to a general ability-to-work-out instead of a specific level of strength you’d like to have), I’d recommend you steal one of the routines from this site. That’ll develop your ‘base’ while simultaneously increasing your strength levels and building some muscle.

Some are in the stickies. I recommend Starting Strength.

Well, I found a Powerline PPR200X Power Rack for $189.


So, I won’t necessarily need to make pulling blocks.
I should probably get a bench too,
my wife won’t like me using straw bales in the house…

Here is a pic of a DIY block by the way, just if you are curious.
I’d still be interested in any DIY lifting projects or ideas anyone has has.
Especialy a DIY power tower for dips and knee raises…
A cage, bench, weights, and chains will go a long way,
but it is still a far cry from a gym.
I just haven’t found any gyms like I used back in the day…
just just “Fitness Centers” like Gold’s GYM, but they’re nothing like what I am used to…
You know: the 24hr, hard core, spit on the floor, never have to say a word to nobody kind.
My basement is much more convenient though…

As for the link and suggestion above,
I don’t want to go with heavy reps because, you guessed it,
I have been rather sedentary as of late… pencil pushing and what not.
I have went from 6’ and 180-185 lbs @ 5% body fat to 170 lbs and about 20% body fat.
I’m hoping that by focusing on endurance/posture I will become fit enough to add cardio.
If I immediately start making huge gains I don’t think my cardio will ever catch up.
You might not have ever seen a well-built guy who did anything but sprints but, for example,
in the 2000 Olympic Trials the guy who placed third in the mile (I forget his name) was a tight end (Division 1 starter, none-the-less).
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to run a 4:30 mile again,
but I’d like to get to 205 and still be able to run a 6:30 mile.
Most people don’t realize it but endurance training typically requires more protein than lifting. This is why so many runners look like skeletons… it is just unhealthy.
I’d like to be able to do some Triathlons again, not the Iron Man or anything just Olympic/Sprint Triathlons.