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Core Exercises


Never have I did anything for my core. Just curious of some good core ab strengthening exercises. Thinking of getting a medicine ball. I dont think I have a weak core by any means, im strong, and athletic just wanting to get it stronger. Got back into playing golf, and due to lifting im not as flexible as I once was, i need to rely on core and hip strength/explosion more than flexibility.. And before the flames start of weights have nothing to do with flexibility try rotation around a big shoulder and pec with your head down watching a ball...


You want strong core/hips? Squat heavier, deadlift heavier. For non-aesthetic purposes, it's really unnecessary to train your abs directly. Though, for explosive side twist/throws, a med ball couldn't hurt, I would however, recommend a you practice your swing with a sledge hammer for core work. I'm totally serious. Nothing will help your swing speed like swinging, it's just logical. I hope I was helpful.


If you are looking to increase your flexibility, strengthen the core and improve you golf game try working on your hip mobility first. Dan Johns goblet squat is a great place to start for working the hips. Also the kettlebell swing will do wonders for your flexibility and golf game. I actually train many golfers who have improved their game due to the kb swing. It helps you isolate the hips to improve your power.


Ill def have to look into the kb swings. Thank You.


Your welcome. Let me know if I can help you find a good instructor in your area to learn from. It will make it much faster and safer!


Go to EliteFTS and buy the book Combat Core. It's got everything you need.


thank you, looks like a great book




Get a power wheel.


Hand walks (forward and backward) + weight vest = awesome.


Storm the beach recommended HEAVY front squat holds and they are really good.

Also loaded carries (particularly overhead stuff) as well as unilateral leg work and unevenly loaded barbells.

Does the job for me.


Not really anything new to add but take a look at any decent martial artist, especially the likes of judo, sambo or aikido. They way they move, their posture and the way they carry themselves.

Lots of dynamic movement on their part but with the right kind of intention behind it. I know this sounds like a bit of a wishy-washy point, but I found that keeping this sort of thing in mind while lifting has deffinate benefits.

Also look at how straight these sort of fellows stand, strength in their backs etc. I don't think I really need to make mention on this but back strength both upper and lower has as much to do with this as anything else.

I also believe that breath regulation for heavy lifts like the squat and deadlift, and the olympic lifts does a heck of a lot more for core development than say a swiss ball.