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core exercises

Anyone have advice on what exercises to do for core strength that don’t involve weights or use of a swiss ball?

You’ll find plenty of exercises and detailed descriptions with photos in a book entitled “Combat Conditioning” by Matt Furey. You can pick it up at Dragondoor.com

Coach Davies article in last weeks t-mag or Ian Kings 12 week program that started the week before.

Push-ups any variation, hindu squats, squat thrusts, hindu-presses(variation of the push-up), presses on the wall(handstand). Specifically for legs and torso I have found sprints, or some high-step exercises do great so does long jumping. Have fun!

when people talk about strenghtening the core. The tranverse abs are what they are talking about. In ian kings artical the drawing in thin tummy I think he calls it as well as push up postion on elbow is a great way to help the TVA’s

I’m a little thrown as to what you mean by “core.” Could you clarify this so that I can provide a better answer.