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CORE conditioning with CPT


Heya fellow freaks. Thre was a post up about a week or two ago that I did not get the opportunity to respond to concering the importance of training the trunk. I've been considering this post all week and it does make a helluva lot of sense to focus on the trunk (abs and other stabilizers). But what of strength? What of hypertrophy? As a trainee for slightly more than two years I am nearly almost completely kind of rid of my paranoias such as if I do strength training for two straight weeks I'll lose muscle mass/definition. The being written, I've come up with a "happy hardcore" medium, along with the help of my big purple buddy, Coney Island Bill (my swiss ball for those of you who don't know my posts on an extremely intimate basis) This week I shall use CIB in my Convergent Phse training program. I'm currently doing a 6-8 rep scheme in the circuit section, and intend on utilizing CIB in every possible exercise. If this is indeed a success, I will be simeltaneously improving strength, at least maintaining mass/def, and strengthening the core muscles. Should be interesting, I'll keep you guys/gals/crustaceans updated. Lata.

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Try static holds hanging from a chinning bar, with your chest pulled up,
almost touching the bar with your knees drawn into your chest...
Use different hand positions...(My favorite is neutral) ...This slaughters
the forearms and abbs at the same time!...See if you can keep this position
for over a minute...I keep falling just short; my abbs keep giving out.
But "You" should have no problem; you are a monkey, aren't you??? HA, HA,
just having some fun...(Joke!)