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Core Builders. Bored w/ the Usual Stuff


Here's two exercises sure to get strange looks....but they work. I've not seen any one doing anything close to this in my gym, but then I don't care as 99% of the folks in there have no clue anyway.

This is what I call a modified renegade row...assume the push up position, hands on the floor and feet spread out but up on the usual 18" high flat bench. Body straight, no butt in the air stuff, just like a perfect push up but your feet on the bench. Now alternate picking up each hand, much like a bent lateral raise, and point straight to the side...body flat, no twisting jive. You can use weight if you're that strong. These are much tougher than usual renegades with a DB or kettlebell.

This one requires a power rack. Squat with the bar extended at arms length overhead. Very tough to do and a great core workout. I use maybe 100-150% more on this than I usually military press, that's the key. Be ready for an aching shoulder burn and a great core workout.