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Following advice regarding my shoulder injury, I visited a Chinese doctor and received acupuncture as part of the treatment.

I was also given cordyceps capsules, which I'd never heard of. I've since read that they have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, often for males with symptoms of low testosterone. I have also now discovered a bodybuilding supplement that includes it as part of its ingredients. I won't name it but it contains, among other stuff, a so-called 'anabolic metabolizer' consisting of 400mg of L-carnitine, ALA and cordyceps.

Anyone any experience of cordyceps and its usefulness as a bodybuilding aid?


nope sorry. It's great for helping the immune system and is often recommended for those with cancer


Cheers mate.

I did read some stuff on Wikipedia on mice studies showing it may help insulin resitance, liver damage and even depression.

There is also a quote from a Chinese athletics coach regarding female runners who broke five world records in Beijing in 1993. There was a lot of suspicion regarding drug use since these feats apparently have not been replicated outside of China in a drug tested event. The coach claimed the improved performance was due to the fact the athletes were all on cordyceps. Yeah, of course they were!


its probably dehydrated tiger semen