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Cordyceps Sinensis


Any 411? CT recommends it for T-boosting in the latest article.


Haven't a clue myself, but I suspect you'd better post that in CT or Cy Willson's Locker Room thread to get a straight answer.



It works in mice. I would wait for human trials before stocking up on this fungus.


Now i didn't read your link so I am not commenting on it ot this product directly but I am curious as to why you would recommend not using a product until human trials have been done?

Using that logic would negate using most any supplement products (for example) because no peer reviewed human trials have been preformed.

Or is it you have a problem with this particular product?


I used the term "stocking" up on it for a reason. If you plan to spend money on every single product that MIGHT work in humans, you will soon go broke. Smilax supposedly showed promise as well, however, all it did was rip about 20 bucks out of the hands of high school students. The idea is to be more critical of information rather than leaping on something simply because a rat showed a positive result.


Well I'm not sure how you suddenly changed your supplement use philosophy. I remember a thread sometime back and you gave us your history of supplement use - an impressive list it was!!! Almost none on the list had human trials.

Anyway, I don't agree with your new stance.


I asked CW and here's what he had to say:

Hi Soldierslim,

It's a fungus. I remember trying it probably 4-5 years ago, and it had a strong CNS stimulatory effect that seemed to cause it to gain a small following.

Other than that, the data doesn't seem to provide any answers to your questions.

Having said that, I honestly don't think it will be an effective testosterone secretagogue in humans.

The reason being that compounds which increase catecholamine levels and beta 2-adrenergic agonists have been fairly well-documented in terms of increasing testosterone production in mice.

The following link exemplifies what I'm talking about. Clicking on the related articles icon will reveal a good number of similar studies:


Anyways, I'm always on the lookout for any new "angles" but I think I'll hold off on this one though.


If you just want someone to tell you to go try it then go ahead, but you asked for info and it was given to you. Lots of things work in rats but then don't end up working in humans. Buying something based purely on the fact that it worked in a rat isn't logical


Hold on a second - buying supplements that have ONLY had peer reviewed tests on humans isn't logical. Go ahead and open your drawer - what products are you taking now and lets see which of them have had human trials. Probably none of them. Well maybe creatine....

Furthermore, i never said that because it worked on rats it would have the same effect on humans - did I? I merely commented on this piece of advice given by Prof X. I just don't agree with that advice that's all. You shouldn't discount a supplement ONLY because there have not been human trials.

There are other more logical ways to decide whether to buy/use a particular supplement.

One way is to ask about it and get reviews on this site. But this is not fool proof either.


I am just now reading this post. I used Cybergenics when it first came out. I was in high school at the time working a part time job. I used Smilax as well. Why? Because I was a newbie who had no guidance. When you are first getting into bodybuilding, you read the magazines with the belief that nearly everything you see will almost magically help you reach a goal. After you spend time doing this and pass up the average in development as well as consistency over time, you don't see things the same way. My arms are big because I lift hard and ate a lot for years...not because of insert desired supplement here.

Again, just because something works in rats, it doesn't mean it will have the same affect in humans or any affect at all worth noticing. If you plan on living life running after every latest supplement like ecdysterones, HMB or any other product, expect to waste a lot of money. That doesn't make you smarter. If anything, it makes you the target of every ad scheme on the planet. Have fun.