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Cordyceps; hype or herbal miracle?

I have heard some stuff about this chinese extract from a mushroom grown in tibet or china. I hear it improves performance dramatically and was used by the Chinese olympic team sometime back when they set records…apparently they were all hauled in for a screening for steroid use, but all tests came back negative. Anyone had any experience with this Cordyceps stuff? Or aware of any studies pertaining to its effects?

These things are better for general health. I’ve heard they have a very mild effect as far as physical performance, which means for the ridiculous price you pay for them you could get something much better. Andrew Weil pushes them alot for their immune system enhancement but I don’t listen too closely to him because he’s got some really dumb views on excersize. The chinese were using them to take the attention away from their use of some performance enhancing drug, not all of which are steroids, and second of all plenty of atheletes beat the drug test while still using.