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Had a question the guys at the vitamin shoppe couldn't quite answer. A buddy at the gym told me about CoQ10, said it helps your overall ability to do cardio and would help endurance. I am trying to walk onto a college football team and so am very interested in endurance. I am 6'4" 310 in pretty good shape I'd say 19%BF, not great but am trying to stay up for football and have not bothered to cut up at all, pretty much a strong fat guy right now. Question is does it really help or is it BS and if so how should it be taken what dosage and when, empty stomache, with meal, morning, night. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hrm, since we are talking CoQ10 does anyone have any thoughts on Idebenone? It is a derivative of CoQ10 that supposedly is more potent and doesn't have the pro-oxidant properties that some have said can be associated w/ CoQ10 at high enough doses.

The only problem with the stuff is the price, it is definitly not cheap and is far more expensive then CoQ10.


Hey, there, biggieben. Welcome to T-Nation!!! I see it's your first post.

CoQ10 is a fabulous supp, and it does help with energy; however, it helps at a cellular or mitochondrial level. As good as CoQ10 is, it's expensive, and you're probably not deficient at your age. The only reason to supplement with CoQ10 is if it's been determined that you have a mitochondrial disorder like ALS or if you have congestive heart failure. There are other health conditions, too, where CoQ10 would be helpful.

CoQ10 is not BS, but the bottom line is that you're more likely to get a bigger bang for your buck from caffeine.


TT, since you mention caffeine, what are your thoughts on how it should fit into one's diet.

I read the Caffeine Roundtable and it sounded like the jury is still out but caffeine is kinda bad, though JB mentioned somewhere he thinks it's OK pre-workout.

I really like my coffee but I'm trying to dump fat and decided to cut it out for a while, because of the effects on insulin sensitivity and just to have another variable under control.

I gotta admit that after staying off for a while and having some coffee, which I'll do maybe once a week as cheat, it has some weird effects... Like I crapped 3 times within a few hours after I drank it, peed like crazy, and naturally felt wired as hell... So, yeah, the usual effects, it's just that they are so much more intense when I've been off for a while, it's like "WOW, my body's really not supposed to do that!" But I'd kinda like to figure out when and where I can sneak some back in, or if it's even worth worrying about.



There is a great article on CoQ10 in the August issue of Life Extension.


I Forgot, if you are taking a statin, or probably if you are diabetic you will need extra coenzyme Q-10.


I’m on a statin. Any recommendation on how much CoQ10 I should be taking… and when if thats applicable.


CoQ10 is essential if you are taking a statin. Research shows that taking a statin drug could lower your CoQ10 levels by about 25%. Also, if you are anywhere around the age of 40 your body is producing less CoQ10.

I take 200 to 400mg’s per day as I am over 40. The problem with CoQ10 is that (like Curcumin) is not easily absorbed by the body. Some manufactures will add orange peel which is supposed to help with absorption.

If you decide to add CoQ10 to your supplement regime make sure it is high quality.

Edit: From my research on the nutrient there is one food that stands out as having a good amount of CoQ10, and that food is Sardines. I actually like the taste of these little fish and eat them right out of the can. My wife leaves the table when I eat them…go figure.

Also how high is your cholesterol? Are you getting any symptoms of pain in any of your extremities after taking the drug?


I’m 48 now, and have been on Lipitor/simvastatin for maybe 15 years. With it my total cholesterol is like 180 or so, without it 300? maybe (its been so long). I love sardines so I might have to make them a regular addition to my diet. As for the extremely pain, I haven’t noticed any (other than self induced), and I know this can be a side effect of the statin drug.


This is a bit anal but I usually take my CoQ10 when I eat sardines. I am thinking that my body might absorb the nutrient better if is consumed at the same time as a food containing CoQ10. I have absolutely no science to back that up but it makes sense to me. I also take extra vitamin C (rose hips) when I consume foods high in C like oranges.


I was interested in taking CoQ10 and then read about ubiqinol. I have been using this since last year. All I can say for sure is this was the first winter where I didn’t get cold/flu. This was despite living in and around London, travelling on packed trains full of coughing commuters, etc. Now, I have also supplemented with glutamine and vitamin c for years for the same purpose so perhaps a synergistic effect? Regardless I feel now ubiqinol is worth the expense and is an essential supplement for me now.