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Cops/Soldiers in SoCal


If you are sworn law enforcement or active/reserve military in Southern California, and interested in FREE training days of defensive tactics/hand to hand, strength and conditioning, and scenario training, please contact me via PM with your email, agenct, etc.

Im a retired LEO, not a company, not making money off this, just coordinating various training sessions for law enforcement in the LA area. Next week we are hosting Tony Blauer (www.tonyblauer.com), on Sept 9 Thursay for free at a LASD facility. If your familiar with Tony you wont want to miss this, as its FREE and normally cost like $5k for an agency to host him. He is tops when it comes to LE/MIL hand to hand, combat psychology, and scenario training. If you have not trained with him before, I urge you to do so at some point in your career. Blauer and Grossman are two guys any cop or soldier cant afford to miss out training with at least once in their life, and keep up with their products for further info.

So any of you cops or military out there in SoCal and want to get free training with Tony, and in the future S&C sessions and DT session by various other instructors, hit me up Ill get you the info.

God Bless, Stay Safe


can you come to Iowa?

i've been trying to get stuff like this going for years.... hope it goes well out there!


Bro if your LEO/Military and want to try to get things like this going, contact me and Ill do my best to help. I will be in Iowa in Oct for personal reasons and if we can hook up maybe that will be cool to talk shop. A close friend of mine is the head S&C coach for Iowa, we played college ball together. He loves cops and soldiers, a total patriot...maybe I can network you with him and he can do some sort of S&C seminar for guys in the area, and maybe he knows some DT folks.

Ill do anything to help those who serve in our military and wearing a uniform carrying a gun fighting scumbags every day so I can live a blessed life in this country.



if i didn't already have leave schedualed for then I'd of flown out to cali for this.

shit man, hope you have fun


thanks guys, wish I posted it on here sooner...can you believe that Ive contacted some of the smaller agencies, and they ignore my calls...crazy...wish I knew more folks out here to offer it up to...Im new to area and dont know alot of folks.


Sept 9th this Thurs...PM me for details so I can email you the info if you are sworn LEO or active duty military....thank you all for your service, God Bless and Stay Safe...and..when you are in the fight, WIN