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Cops Promote Hempfest!


This weekend...By handing out WHAT to the crowds?
How stereotypical, and how friggin cool is that?

From what I understand the law in Washington is that Police Officers have to
wait 2 years to toke up on their days off or after their
shifts...The same goes for new recruits from now on as well.
Firefighters, Doctors, Brain Surgeons etc. I'm not sure lol.



Fuckin sweet Im a cheetos man but what ev get your lighters up, its nice to see the boys in blue handing out something besides ass whipins..big up!


I have one word for those Coppers , Zinc


"Coppers , Zinc"

Lol...Copper, Zinc, Iron, etc.

I never gotten a ''positive'' for THC anyway, and I believe Zinc was in a few of these
'clean piss' pre-test drinks I've taken in the past I bought in smoke shops....These fuckin' clinics don't have a clue,
and I LOVE when companies do testing because these tests are expensive for them, and many
who smoke are aware of pre-test drinks and the good ones beat those tests all the time,
so companies are just wasting their money on the clever tokers.


I have been clean 3 day out in a dehydrated state . I have to lend that to zinc


I told my best friends , either they like me or I passed


If you want to smoke pot, that's cool. Lying to your employer is pretty bullshit though. I'd imagine there is a reason why they want you to be drug free.


My employers requirement is to pass a drug test , no one has asked me if I smoke pot

I would say Caffeine would be my only drug at work other than an occasional aspirin . Never any thing that could impair . I would call off if I needed cold meds. So I would claim to be drug free


Go tell your boss you cheated to pass the drug test. See if he/she thinks you're clever.

You would call in sick if you needed a sinus tab? That doesn't surprise me.


WN6 Typed: "Go tell your boss you cheated to pass the drug test. See if he/she thinks you're clever."

If one was clever they'd keep their mouths shut in the first place wouldn't they?

WN6 also typed: "I'd imagine there is a reason why they want you to be drug free."

Oh I completely agree, drug free at WORK... What one does off the clock
is none of their fuckin' business,


My boss would think I am stupid, I suspect he smokes pot also . Possibly Hells Angels

Yes If the meds or even the illness effected my abilities I would call off .

And taking something I have been taking a long time before I knew would skew a test is not my definition of cheating , I also take Magnesium , copper and selenium . I hope that is ok with you:)


Hes just trollin any how don't worry about haters fuck dem fun nazis