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Cops on the Juice

It’s an awesome article, give it a read:

Am I thinking the same thing as everyone else? I want to be a cop now.

sweet article

That’s bad ass. Glad to know these kind of cops are out there, not the piece of shit ones I see daily.

Serious question:

Do any actual cops repeatedly use the expression “coppers” for other cops?

Perhaps regional use varies, I don’t know.

And for what earthly reason would the cops who, respectively, had just “acquired” $80,000 that he intended to keep for himself rather than turn in as he was legally required to do, and likewise acquired a lot of guns and weapons such as grenades, blab this out in front of a guy that had just met? A puzzler.

It is also odd that in one paragraph Romano has one of the cops using “300 mg” trenbolone (a very odd weekly value and would be an unusual daily value), but just a few paragraphs later his own partner is shouting that he wants trenbolone but can’t get it.

What, his own partner won’t hook him up?

Actually I quit reading at that point… don’t know what else may be in the rest of it.

Romano is a brilliant man…I didn’t take the article to literally but it was definitely a cool read.

Oh. Perhaps it wasn’t obvious enough that it was supposed to be read as fictional; I’m not sure every reader would have picked up as you did that these things should not be read as having actually happened.


Great article, I love crooked(er) cops. It would be an honor to get beaten and robbed by one of these guys.