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Cops On Roids





Wow. An MSM article with a reasonable take on 'roid rage. Who'd have thought?

Cops and military guys may be the only people in a position to educate the public with a "fair and balanced" view on aas. Not that it will happen...


I know about 5 cops that are on roids off the top of my head. A friend of mine that was an officer is about 5'll and 260 pounds with about 11 percent body fat. Real ripped. He's now in the french foreign legion making about 200,000 a year.


Not to discredit your post but the last time I had checked, the FFL pays nowhere near 200,000. They pay you next to nothing, require 30 years of service and in retirement give you land and a house.


T-Nation covered this topic a few years ago:



I used to live with a cop and we would talk about them all the time. He mentioned he used them a long time ago....... wink wink.


He's a good family friend and we trust him and thats how much he said they're giving him. He was riding in an armored suv transporting people that where assasin targets in Iraq.


No fucking way. If that was the case, there wouldn't be any special operations in the US. Everyone would be in France.

He might be making that as a consultant or a Merc but not in the Legion.

He is trolling you.



I do not believe the French Foriegn Legion are involved in Iraq, but they are (were) in Afghanistan.

Sounds like this guy is bullshitting you.


I know some of you are going to be pissed about me drawing parallels here, but it seems to me that steroid use in it's police departments should be of equal or more concern to congressmen than steroid use in baseball.


very true but around my way id say the cops should be supplied with that shit they are rediculously small they look like little kids and they are always acting like tough guys and get beat up.as tough as cops act they definately need something.it seems like they dont have to be in any sort of good shape at all anymore.


Thats because you just have to be able to shoot them with their damn tazers.


How would you feel getting pulled over by Ronnie Coleman before he left the job. Now I 2 agree with they should be able to take them if the chose 2. I also think the armed services should as well, but that should be up to the person.


I;m relying on the word of a former student of mine, now a Marine. He swears that, especially in a war zone, the Corps supplies 'gear' to the troops. It's monitored by doctors for safety.

Since these guys are risking life and limb for us, I want them to have every advantage possible, so I hope its true.


That is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard. The United States Armed Services has a strict no drug policy. Having been involved in combat myself I have never ever heard of this.


I'm not sure that I'd want to deal with a cop having a clomid fit though.


My man Snipe, you are right as usual. I too have served in 2 foreign wars and have never heard such bullshit.

Somebody is lying.

My brothers over there are not on gear. They are professional and believe me they don't have time to stop and find rubbing alcohol and a needle.



is this the national enquirer? the corps on roids and 200 grand in the FFL? the roids sound very unlikely, but i can't dispute it. then again, you can't prove it either, and this is the first i've heard of it, and i have more than a few Marine friends that have been/are in combat zones.

FFL making a grip is bullshit. they get land or something when they retire, but they don't make shit until then. maybe he's a contractor, but not FFL making that.


A friend of mine was making 200K with the contractor Black Water in Iraq. The FFL thing sounds like BS.


this is kinda off topic, but...
I think cops out to be given 'roids. A couple of cops have come into my dojo on my open fight nights, I let them in for free as I try to kiss as much police ass as I can. I've yet to see one cop who can fight worth a damn, weak, no cardio, and generaly dumb. My favorite was a slightly over weight cop who was about 6'2 and around (guessing) 250, he was strong (one of the few) but had no real athletism (sp?) he ran out of breath after about 4 punches, and was then very easily taken down and choked out.