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Cops on Gear

Did anyone else get pissed off while reading the “Cops on Gear” article? These guys sounded like such hypocrites, saying that they can use responsibly but still bitch about other people using steriods and other drugs, like pot, which to the best of my knowledge, has never killed anyone? One of them said that making steroids illigal has caused more problems than it has solved. Criminalizing most drugs in general, including underaged drinking, causes more problems simply because its illegal. Sorry for the rant, but cops really piss me off, and these hypocrits didn’t help.

Well Mr. Bate, I was none too happy about it either, but for a different reason than the general “all cops are dicks” tone of your post. I, myself am going to be wearing a badge soon. Police officers must be held to a higher standard than the rest of us, and I see no difference between a police officer using illegal AAS and using illegal recreational drugs. It IS hypocritical, and if I became aware that a fellow officer was using ANYTHING illegal, I’d approach their supervisor. A lot of people would say that this is overreacting, but you must remember that if a cop is willing to bend the law, or in this case BREAK the law, and make an exception in their own case they discredit everyone who pins on a badge. Your objection to their behavior helps to prove my point.

It is not a police officer’s place to interpret what laws are just and what laws are unjust; that’s for the courts to decide. If they want to disobey them, then they need to turn in their badges and, if caught, suffer the consequences.

Didn’t bother me. Good interview.

So cops who speed in their private cars sometimes should turn in their badges? Or don’t wear their seatbelts? (That’s a law in some states at least.)

No, I was addressing the issue of cops who commit felonies. Cops who speed in their private cars should get tickets if they get caught. Ditto for cops who wreck their patrol cars due to negligence.

Each one of these “cops” said that for all he knew steroid use was very rare amongst cops. So how does that show hypocrisy in regards to cops in general? Those three individuals should be kicked off the force if they are ever found out. I think their excuses were pathetic and laughable. Do the honorable thing, leave the police force or quit the roids.

Demo Dick wearing a badge? Cancel my trip to Montana! The streets are no longer safe in Bozeman! LOL. As for Masta Bate’s comments, his name says it all.

No, the streets are no longer safe for your kind, Avoids. :slight_smile:

Hahah, from RA to Police Officer… the job continues!

I was pissed at that the cops in the article, particularly the one who is a NARC, but finds nothing wrong with steriods. Yes, they are pathetic and if I knew who they were I would turn them in, just like they would do to me if I were caught with an illegal substance, bastards. I love how they say its not a gateway drug and how they wouldn’t think to use any other kind of drugs because somehow those are worse?? Isn’t every pro-drug advocate saying that thier drug of choice ain’t that bad? It is a real slippery-slope to get on and say one drug is alright becuase I like it and do it, but the rest are bad and dangerous…That NARC is obviously a moron.

Being born and raised in NY, i guess i am used to cops being hipocrits. Lord knows, there is enough corrupt cops in NY!! Anyway, i was left pondering one thing…who do these guys get there juice from?!! At least one of the cops said that most people in the gym know what his occupation is. I just imagined the scene in my head…“Hey listen man, you know where i can get some juice?” “Hey, aren’t you a cop?” “Yes, i am!” “Oh, ok. Just wondering. No problem bro! I can get anything you want.” “Cool, thanks.” I mean, WTF!! I used to hang out with a cop who got f@cked up with us all the time, smoking bud, and drinking, and i still wouldn’t tell that mutha f@cka where i could GET him some weed! I don’t know. Is this strange to anyone else?? = Kburnin’ =

I personally think that it’s a good thing. Have you ever seen the shit that some of these guys have to put up with? I think that it would almost be advisable for someone on a swat team or black team (they stop riots at prisons, most prisoners are scared shitless of them-I live near a maximun security prison and hear some…interesting stories). As far as regular officers, I don’t think that it would necessary be necessary, as most I know are pretty “power hungry” already. But I think you get my point.

Uh, hello! have you guys ever heard of Ronnie Coleman? It is no surprise that cops are dirty. I dont care what they do, as long as they dont bother me. But of course,they will, so thats why I cheer when I see the LA 97 bank robbers blast cops with fully automatic AK-47’s. Those armor piercing rounds really work well against those bastards. I heard that one of them was a major juicer. Can anyone Confirm?

“I cheer when I see the LA 97 bank robbers blast cops with fully automatic AK-47’s. Those armor piercing rounds really work well against those bastards.”

Cock, glad to see that your knowledge of ballistics is as on par with your general intelligence. Why don’t you just get yourself a bottle of vicodin and wash it down with a liter or two of vodka you simpering fuck?

P.S. When you end up in a state or federal prison and end up getting gang raped by four guys twice your size...I’ll be laughing.

Demo, I agree with everything you said. I am a recently medically retired cop from So. California. These guys are an embarrasment to the law enforcement community. There are enough bad cops out there making the rest of us look bad and these guys just make us look that much worse, just as Coleman does. I worked patrol, narcs and SWAT and those assignments are no excuse to rationalize the use of AAS. Every aspect of my life was influenced by my job because we are, and should be, held to a higher standard and should strive to not be hypocritical. These guys are just as bad as cops who beat their wives, use the services of a hooker or take bribes. I hope that the good guys catch up to these three and any others out there like them. Good luck on your new career.
PS-FYI - Cock Mongrel is like the village idiot on this forum.:slight_smile: When he is locked up and being gang raped he will be praying that the cops he hates so much come and rescue his ass.

cops that do steroids are criminals, even though they are the ones that should catch the criminals.
but to commit a crime is their own choice, just like in any profession. people in all jobs do drugs.

“Every aspect of my life was influenced by my job because we are, and should be, held to a higher standard and should strive to not be hypocritical.”

Truer words have never been spoken. My brother is an 11 year veteran of a MT Sheriff’s office, and I was groomed for the job since age 5 (it just took me a little longer to come around than I thought-LOL). He and I are of a similar mind on these things. At first, my girlfriend didn’t understand why I was vehement about cops not taking meal discounts or even being PRESENT at parties where someone lights up a joint, but I think she’s beginning to see how much this is going to affect our lives. It can be rough, but the desire to help people in need is why I’m doing this. The payoff is worth the sacrifice; I know that for sure. Take care.

Someone needs to tell Cockmongrel’s daddy that he’s on the computer again. I say this because this idiot obviously isn’t an adult. What’s wrong cock? Still mad that you weren’t allowed to sell drugs on a military base?

To state the obvious, not every behavior considered “wrong” is illegal, nor every behavior that is illegal “wrong”

I was seriously considering becoming a PO, but could not with good conscience enforce laws that I considered immoral or unconstitutional, because I have a strong desire to make the world a better place, and enforcing such laws would make me the POS BG.

The existence of Government and law is to serve the people, the people do not exist to serve the interests of the law or Gov.

Hitler's forces were just "obeying orders", I don't directly compare this situation to hitler, its an exaggeration, but the principle remains as a warning, how bad does it have to get before the PO refuses to enforce bad law, where do you draw the line, freedon dies by a thousand cuts, or do you drown your guilty conscience in alcohol and cynical denial?
I don't know

Hey Demo, “have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?” “When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change, the Devil changes YOU.” You will be up holding someone else’s morality, endangering your life and others, you will be hanging out with dick heads day in and day out, you will be paid like a peasant and as far as anyone thinking you are doing something noble…yeah right. I for one think you will get exactly what you are asking for and that is one miserable life. Look at the statistics, cops are all addicts and wife beaters. then there are the drug dealers, rapists and extortionists…Please don’t. From one T Bro to the next. This is the wrong direction to take your life…You can do so much more by just being a good father, neighbor, workout partner, spouse, coach or friend. There is something about being around the lowest 2% of the population all day everyday that makes you just like them. I wish I could say, Cool bro you go and make a difference. But the fact that is no where near a good way to make a difference.