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COPS- How Do You Train?


If any cops would care to share their weekly split, or a "snapshot" into their training by showing what you did the past week, I would appreciate it.

I am having shitty workout more often than not these days, so I'm looking to maybe break away from "programs" and do something more instinctive.

I'm asking for the cops' workouts because I am in the process with a few police agencies, and that is my ultimate goal, so it makes sense to look at how some of you train and adopt some aspects into my training.

There are a couple guys that I know are cops in my gym, but they seem to just do curls and bench.




Ronnie Coleman's training must be outlined somewhere :wink:

And there are some very strong military/special forces guys on here, copying them wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm thinking H4M, Alpha, Holymac...


it doesnt matter if you're a cop, construction worker or a fucking starbucks barista. Work out for your goals. you've been a member here for 6 years and dont know how you should be working out?


Derek Poundstone.


You're right, I've got it all figured out. Very helpful, thanks.


What do you want specifically for cops? If you want size, do what bodybuilders do; if you want athleticism train like an athelete.


Ha x2 I was going to post the same thing.


I have a friend that does undercover work. She used to do typical machine and free weight circuits, but now does Crossfit. I can ask her specifically what she does that benefits her job.


Wow. The cops around here don't even pull people over cause that means getting out of their cars. Good for you for wanting to be a fit cop. No sarcasm intended.


cops body fat percentage?


Right now I'm just aiming to gain back lean mass I had to drop for doing drug work. I've since gotten back to patrol. I really enjoy what I've recently started doing and am starting to see results. There isn't much variation though.

-power clean 5x3 (a few warmup sets of doubles beforehand and all work sets stay the same weight)
-DB romanian deadlift 4x8 (done with thick handle dumbbells, this is my favorite accessory move and I'm using them to add volume without burning out from the cleans)
-pushup variations 4x? (bands, feet elevated, etc. I know this doesn't seem all that badass, but I have a shoulder issue I'm dealing with and these really help)
-band face pulls 4x10 (these just rock)

The above workout is done mostly every other day. Occasionally on "off" days I'll do either sprints, vertical jumps, or rockclimbing at a local indoor climbing place (I may soon purchase a prowler). I used to do squat variations but dropped them b/c my knees crack alot and I don't know if thats detrimental or not.
I've tried some of the crossfit routines in the past but I think they are completely useless for police. Unlike military, we do not need grueling endurance and my goals are only strength, power, and speed. On a side note, my dept does 12hr shifts and I used to not have energy to workout when I got home. I've cut processed carbs out and the lack of energy is no longer an issue.


Thanks 0overrev, you actually touched on something that has been in my thoughts- crossfit. Crossfit for the most part is about the opposite of what I'd ever want to do in a gym. I've tried it and hated it! Where I work I am in contact with uniformed federal officers every day. Unfortunately, on the division that I have contact with, there's only a small few that train hard.

Keeping in mind, these guys aren't on the streets chasing criminals, they are force protection- so I wouldn't take their advice and apply it across the board. But, crossfit has come up as something that will most likely be encountered in the federal academy, so it is something I would benefit from at least being familiar with.

It seems that academies are mostly about running miles+ and doing lots of pushups, situps, and some pullups, whereas what could really benefit most police on the street are shorter distance sprints and strength training. You'd think someone would realize this and start adapting academies as such.


Whatever part of their body percentage isn't water, blood, skin, bones, and crap.


if you want to do crossfit then go do crossfit. You dont have to start a thread asking for training advice, hoping someone will suggest crossfit so that you can say "Oh wow that sounds like a good idea. I never thought of that." when you were thinking of giving crossfit a try the whole time.

Just do it and see whats up. Who gives a shit what other people think.



I'm not waiting for someone to suggest crossfit to me so I can jump on it. Can you actually read? I very clearly stated that I've tried crossfit and I hate it. In fact I could go on and on about how much I hate it, but I won't. I also stated, just as a matter of fact, that I've had officers suggest crossfit to me, but that I think guys out on the street would be much better served training with sprints and strength/power exercises. Did I not already say this? Where do you see me wanting to do crossfit and just waiting for validation?

I don't have a ton of time to dick around in the gym, I get my weights work done in about an hour 3x/ week and I want to keep it that way. I'm doing some running and KB conditioning stuff outside of the gym. I'm also kicking around the idea of buying a weight vest and rucking for conditioning, or going for something cheaper and making a tire sled. I'm not ignorant when it comes to training, although you've tried to put me in that category. I am adding more conditioning, and I thought it would be beneficial for me to see how some real life cops structure their training, certain things they emphasize more than others, etc.

I'm not sure what your hang up is, maybe you're not getting enough attention or something, but you've got two posts now in this thread that are completely useless. Going to go for a third?


So you have your routine and don't want to change it (as you have clearly stated in your post) sp what exactly is this thread all about? You said you already have talked to several officers and got suggestions from them. What else are you looking for?


I've already asked what he was trying to accomplish and he never answered. OP is being too vague.


I didn't say I was opposed to changing my routine, I said I was opposed to spending more than one hour 3x/week in the gym lifting. Those statements are not interchangeable, they do not mean the same thing. I could completely change my weight routine, while still keeping it at one hour, 3x's per week, couldn't I? To be clear for you- I'm not looking to completely change everything, just illustrating an example for you.

About the officers that I mentioned- did I not say these guys aren't on the streets? Did I not state that these guys are force protection, aka, they stand around all day, every day? That's not what I'm looking to do with my life. These guys aren't running calls, EVER, it is literally not in their job description- that's why I came here, looking for ideas from cops that are out on the street, run calls, etc. I did not specify that because the vast majority of cops are not force protection, they are running calls, making arrests, etc.

Seriously, get off it. You think you're a funny guy or some kind of badass or something, but you're coming off as a dipshit with poor reading comprehension.


he seems like he just wants to complain/make excuses or something. He's using the old "your reading comprehension skills suck" defense (thats original)

he's had suggestions from more than one person that he has ignored.

One guy even mentioned that he would be doing crossfit type stuff in the academy but he didnt heed that advice either.

My original post still stands: Train for your goals. Since you have never stated what your actual goals are its hard for anyone to give you more specific advice.

I have quite a few friends who are cops (one is even on the SWAT team in LA) and they all train pretty differently. For the most part their job isnt very physically demanding (except the SWAT guy. his kinda is)


You're right, I've had numerous VALID suggestions that I've ignored- like Ronnie Coleman's training- because he was a full time police officer while winning olympias, and Derek Poundstone, who I'm sure was also a full time police officer throughout. Then there were the military guys mentioned, but aside from Alpha, I haven't seen mention from the others as to any running/conditioning they do. As far as Alpha- I think the man is from another planet.

I'm not sure what is so complicated about what I asked- COPS- how do you train? You'd think that COPS might see the question, click the thread and respond- just as Overrev did, but instead a bunch of people need to add their two-cents. Explain that to me. I wonder why when "Stormthebeach how do you train?" all of you clowns that think you need an answer in every thread don't step up to the plate and answer for him, but someone asks COPS to simply share how they train, and you've got to get some words on the screen. What, fundamentally, is the difference in that question? I've removed "Stormthebeach" and replaced it with "COPS". Stormthebeach applies to a specific person, while COPS applies to a specific group of people.

I give up. There's some clowns rolling around this site that need to be involved in everything. I'll just go back to answering questions about 5/3/1 because that's what I know, and I won't ask any questions, because apparently that's not allowed without having to explain yourself to the Nth degree.