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COPS, Clowns and Hoes


I love the TV show COPS. I am hooked. It seems like it is on maybe six or eight times a day, spread through out several stations and I usually catch at least one episode at some point.
The show is timeless. Police Work from the eighties hasn't changed much from what they do today. Scum is still scum, although the haircuts and fashions change, much to my viewing enjoyment. There are so many episodes, that sure you will catch a rerun, but just as often you will find a gem that you have never seen before.
And there are some staples. Joe Dirt, always a domestic, always with his shirt off, always taking the last drag of his smoke before he drops it. The guy who was driving a stolen car with a pocket full of drugs, tries to out drive the police, gets out and runs in the bushes, the dogs come, and as homeboy is getting arrested, he ALWAYS quotes "What I did?"
Oh, I could go on about the show, and I just might if this thread goes anywhere. But for now, I'll get to the point and tell you about the best episode ever.
Tampa PD was doing a prostitution sting. They sent the UC out dressed as a clown. I shit you not, a clown. He goes out, picks up hookers, shoots them with confetti and solicits BJers. Awesome. I gave the cops credit for doing it with a straight face, until Koko the clown read her her rights after a helium balloon. Classic.


I just watched that episode on CourtTV while cooking dinner. Cracked me up.


Yeah bro', I love COPS and watch it all the time. I'm living just the other side of the bay of Tampa, and really like the episodes shot here in Florida. We catch a lot of weirdos here in the sunshine state and the cops are bad ass and put up with very little shit. They get all my respect.


My favorite Halloween costume is a clown. Clowns can say and do almost anything and get away with it.


Damn I thought this was a poll...

Can I still vote for Hoes?


Did you ever see the one from FL with the extremely buff, mulleted "bodybuilder" so "roid raged" out he beat down several cops and fought a German Sheapard Police Dog hand to hand before the cops took him down??(No Tasers we in use then)... As muscleheads, that episode was classic...If I remember correctly, he was wearing a "Bad Boys Gym" tank top...


I've always wondered if that show pissed the cops off who were working the beat, or if they volunteered for it. I've noticed cops tend to get real pissy if they see you filming them.


I love the show.

I remember Michael Moore once came out against the show, basically from the premise that it presented blacks as criminals. Yet from my viewing experience, all races are equally punished. For every black guy running away from the cops ( in the middle of the night, with no shirt on, desperately trying to throw his crack or weed into the bushes) there are two white guys, long greasy hair, wispy goatee, skinny, hideous dress sense, with outstanding warrants, caught trying to score crystal meth.


Although I wouldn't consider the show racist, it does re enforce any negative stereotypes one might have. Of course, it is dealing with cops and criminals. Lower income areas such as inner cities and trailer parks happen to have a higher rate of crime. With the show, you only see the trailer guy who beat his wife, or the black guy who is selling crack. It does not show the guy who lives in a trailer and is working two jobs to support his family. It does not show the black guy who got profiled, pulled over for no reason and harassed by the cops. And even though it is balanced race wise, rarely does it show you the white collar criminals.


I used to lift at a gym where several of the cops from the Corpus Christi episode worked out at. It was the highlight of their life. They were talking about it for weeks before filming and for weeks after it finally aired.


Where's the entertainment value in watching the police walk into a rich guy's house and calmly handcuff him and read him his rights? White collar criminals don't run, talk shit, or resist arrest, so it's no fun watching them get taken down.


I am in complete agreement with you. The best comedy is definatly unintentional. I caught the clown episode yesterday as well...classic. Still has to be annoying to be a cop and having your intellegence insulted over and over again. They'll set out a bike and tape a guy stealing it and the person will swear over and over again that "some white dude" asked him to bring the bike back to him. No no no.


All COPS in New Orleans shows are excellent. The banter they have with people is always entertaining. Never see that with most other PD's.

Of course the Mardi Gras episodes or good but the 2006 show after Katrina was great.


This thread is gonna be great!

Yeah the Roid Rage episode was great as I remember he actually picked the dog up by the collar and threw it.

There were several other COPS against Muscle guy episodes as well.

But one of my favs was Muscle Cops against Douche Bags in one episode this huge Cop responds to a bar for a disturbance they tell hin the joker ran out the back door so Muscle Cop goes barreling out the back like a Locomotive and grabs Douche and literally Slams him on his head the camera crew barely ctches the guys legs flipping up in the air as he is driven head first in the pavement.

Just to show you how big of a Douche the idiot is he gets back to the station and start a fight with the normal sized Cops in another room while Muscle Cop talks with the camera then Muscle Cop hears the ruckus and a repeat of the parking lot takes place excellant sot from over the shoulder of Muscle Cop standing over Douche explaining the errors of his way. Then there is some banter from Muscle Cop about being able to bench 400+ lbs cause you never know when you'll run into a bad guy.

As for the racist stuff give me a break all races have been given their fair share of screen time to humiliate them selves and prove there are some truths to all stereotypes.

Funny it was brought up earlier but the classic Mullet guy taking a drag on his cigarette while the Cop is screaming put it down now! is always a classic and worth betting money on with the unintiated cause I assure you when they pull up to that trailer park or that delapidated house the shirtless or wife beater wearing Mullet guy is gonna risk tazering for that last cigarette drag gaurantee it!

Man I oughtta be singing Bad Boys for at least an hour now!


Have any of you seen the Mr. Show where they do the musical version of Cops (they call it FUZZ). Cracks my ass up everytime.

My favorite Cops episode is the one where they tasered the guy in the chest and he reached down, pulled out the leads, and took off running.


I always thought it showed why people with money can get away with their crimes. I think in many cases they use excessive force and violate people?s rights. If you could afford a good attorney, they would have to let you off


Best segment ever was the PCP guy.

Enormous naked, sweaty, black guy covered in blood and whacked out his gourd on PCP. He's in a barber shop late at night screaming, "KILL ME!"

Because of his size, the drugs, and his slippery state, it takes 5 or 6 big cops the entire segment to bring the guy down.

At one point the guy tries to grab one of the cop's guns.

8 of the most riveting minutes of TV ever.


For 2 reasons:
1) that would be boring; and
2) white collar criminals are not arrested by patrolmen with a cameraman ride-along, but by detectives.

Cops isn't a detective show.



While you are correct that there are a number of corrupt, white collar criminals, they are not a big part of the average patrolman's duties. I did 9 years w/ the Sheriff, including the jail (housing and booking), crime scene, and the courts, and I don't think I ever saw a white collar criminal. They are dealt with by either the feds, or very specialized units.

I've been out for 3 years now, it's amazing how much better my opinion of the human race is now compared to then.


One of my favorite episode is the New Jersey Cop Anthony Damiano(sic?). He works the drug dealing area of a New Jersey City. He catches a kid getting ready to do some coke in an entrance way and while he's hooking the perp up, the kid keeps calling him "papi"! The cop goes ape shit everytime the kid says it and keeps yelling to the kid "I'm Not Your Papi!". Classic COPS.