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Cops Busted For Steroids

Hi, didn’t know where to post this. Just saw it on the Drudge Report.

I think it kind of sucks…if I were a cop I’d want every edge I could get, but…?


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Paragraph Nine is the problem: when the officers had trouble with their “behavior,” they blamed steroid use. Maybe they thought it lessened their responsibility, but here’s a public case where someone puts the blame for whta they did on steroids, and that contributes to the public’s misperceptions.

good point on that. roid abuse, not use is the main issue I see here. people as soon as you say anything to do with roids assume massive guys, with bacne, short temper and a big head. sure roids can cause this if they are taken in large enough quantities but if they are used sensibly they can increase muscle mass, and have many other health benefits. the public image is the main concern and that is why we need to change this. hell when i travelled through south central LA, back packing, a few years ago I saw some bloody huge coppers. I wouldn’t mess with them. I definately think they were hard done by. but how did they get caught with them. if they weren’t discreet about their use, storage, and were publicising it… well