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Cops Busted for Steroid Trafficking

Recently here in Norman, OK 31 people including 4 cops were busted for trafficking steroids. Okay let me tell you what I have heard from the news and the street.
Starting last January till a few weeks ago a DEA agent bought $15,000 worth of drugs including ecstacy, steroids, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember from this guy, Tommy. Aparently Tommy’s dealer got busted last November in Missouri and rated out Tommy. Tommy then preceded to rat out many others including the 4 cops.
Word around the camp fire is the DEA isn’t even half way finished. I know 4 people that got busted including Tommy. When I say “know” I mean know of them. I know that one gym in Moore, OK will probably not recover from this hit since most of the people there have been arrested. I know that the gym that I go to will most likely be investigated, as well as a few others. I will post more when more happens.

Hey dyno, anything more with this? I couldn’t pull up any stories on it.