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Cops are Cool




Well, my prayer of "I hope that is not in Texas" did not work.


Shit. At least the cops are being charged.


Anonymous, do your worst.


They won't do a damn thing. They only care about hacking women's e-mail addresses.




Charged isn't the same as convicted. Let me know when/if they do time.



When you're that out-of-control, something is terribly lacking in your life.


That Quanell X guy is fucking annoying.


The cops are most likely going to get convicted, but that won't do anything or change anything in the sense of how cops do things.



Dishonorable swine.



Wow, this is old! Little fucker deserved it though. Given the Houston location, he should feel fortunate he wasn't caught by a homeowner and didn't have his head blown off.


I just don't get this cop rage. Do they all have unresolved daddy issues or something? Do they feel the need to take personal vengeance on criminals? Are they just fucked up people in general?




any link to the article about this incident and what lead up to it?


He deserved that? Your kidding me right?


Cops are only cool when them pigs be on ice! Fuck the Police...Compton...Brap Brap...and all the other gangsta jibber jabber


Ah yes the police are just another street gang no better than the crips or bloods, given my choice of being mugged by a hoodlum or calling the police I will take my chances with the hoodlum 100% of the time