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Coplan's Training Log

About to start a PhD program in math. Kept mostly active through college.been doing muy Thai for 7 years, about 3.5 I’d say we’re serious, and Jiu jitsu on and off for years with this past year pretty serious. Moving to an area with a top MMA gym and a solid jiu jitsu team nearby.
Current jiu jitsu gym has Europa gold medalists and 16 year old national champs. Striking comes as I find it atm, or I drive to some seriously good muy Thai gyms.

Squat ~315
Deadlift 380 a few months ago
OHP ~170

Atm, running s bw program with a lot of mobility work, and rolling/skill work when I can. I want to be in condition to hit the ground running when I get to my new gym.

(Excercise/mobility exercise)

Warm Up
Pseudo planche push-up/arm rotations
Ring Rows/Scapula Stretch
4x12/4x15 secs
Planks/Running Man (its in the program like this…)
4x24 seconds/4x10
Hollow Body Rocks/underarm bridge
Straddle V-Ups/Toe Touches

Sore. Ate a lot today. No Gi today. Went over one arm rear nakeds and guillotines, rear nakeds without hooks, how to attack hooks if someone has your back, defenses and sweeps when someone tries/successfully mounts. Rolled before as warm up, and after. Nearly got a purple belt, fucker fought out and got me. Had a hard fight with a 250+ guy, came out on top every time though. Won a lot with neck cranks (gym allows everything, even hand smothering)
Fought a black belt. Adam apple met the back of my throat. Ran through some teenagers. Cooled down, could have done more stretching.

10 am work
Feet together Deck Squat/weird fucking mobility excercise*
*(start on hands and knees. Kick leg straight back, level with ass. Without lowering/bending, bring leg as close to head as possible. Feel ass and surrounding musculature spasm. Repeat. Fuck gymnastics)
GHR negatives/Toe Grabs
Front splits training. A lot of calf and hamstring stretching, and using hip flexor and ass to flex legs apart. Missed out on some of the harder stretches from Matt burn taking off skin on feet (a la jiu jitsu). Held my toes on pike as deeply as I could for 2 min.

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Jiu jitsu got cancelled. Sparred some friends.
Warm Up
Shadow box until starting to sweat
5 rounds, 5-7 min each, 1 min rest

One guy was 6’ 2" and real big, but only knew the basics of kickboxing (jiu jitsu guy), and couldn’t kick very high. Kept outside, used low kicks to disturb and set up, land a big shot, get out. Switched stances a lot. Only felt in danger once when he suddenly pivoted off a kick. Never really let him get too close.
Other guy was my height, but about 220 (I’m 170). He didn’t know how to kick, but has been boxing most his life. Spent a round working him with kicks, let my hands get a little low. Next round got tighter, didn’t kick a lot and played the hand game. Only took two hard shots, landed quite a few on him. Ended it with a stepping lead hook from southpaw to stomach.
Next dude was only 140 lbs, but really knew how to box, and had a good round. We went back and forth playing, when I would mix it up with kicks I dominated him, but felt I had openings he just couldn’t capitalize on because of reach. Started boxing from outside to give him some work, and it evened up more, used my pivot to escape his rush. At the end I boxed up and was weaving shots, then ducked right into a left hook. It only scraped me, avoiding a solid hit, but gave me a little cut on my nose.

All in all, my partners weren’t high level kickboxers, but it was some good training for distance mgmt and how to use kicks against a puncher. I felt controlled, didn’t take any major shots. Landed a few of my own on every opp. Worked slipping alone a horizontal pole after, cooled down.

Back kicks are coming along nicely.
Want to choke someone soon.

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Morning work
Stretched, a lot of glute activation. Shadow boxes five rounds.
Had plans to go to a gym a little out the way, that ones lessons were cancelled too…>.>

Wrist/grip work against wall
Headstand/straight Arm shoulder flexion
Thoracic and shoulder stretches culminating in bridge work and bridge push-ups. Was suppoEd to do bridge drops against a wall, but where I was was hardwood.

Middle splits work. Inner hip and glute stretches. Abbductor work spreading legs as far as they can, moving spine through range of motion while legs are opened, etc.

Jiu jitsu. Worked basic guard pass, and windshield wiper from side to technical mount. Rolled with 250 over, and a Europa gold. Tapped out the big un with an arm bar and choke, both took a lot. Other guy Merced me. Rolled through some kids. Kickbixed a little but was exhausted and my opps sucked

High as shit. Stretched a little today. Did some glute work. High for freedom. America

Warmed up
Pseudo planche push-ups/arm circles
Ring Rows/Lat Lean
(First two shoulder height, chair kept shaking. Last two waist height)
Planks/Running Man
Elbow Side Twists/hip circles
Straddle V-Ups/toe touches
Glute stretches for cool down.

Morning work
Glute Ham Hinge/2squat2pike
Elevated Deck Squat/Leg Wipers
Calf raises, changing foot placement every set
Front Split Work
Lots of ankle, hamstring, and hip flexor stretching

PM work
Jiu jitsu practice. Reaping an arm of someone in turtle and choking when knocks exposed. Bowling over someone in turtle by controlling head and shoving ankle, attacking with farce/guillotine. Reversing someone who sinks in too deep of a hook when your in turtle. Rolled. Partners were both really well ranked and had competed. One was 50+ year old black or brown belt. Always wondered if I had the physicality to take him…starting on knees, fuck no. Then had a really intense ten minutes against an actively competing blue belt. He got me like 8 times, but I caught him in an ankle lock and tapped him. It’s taken a year to tap him. Only 1 sub tonight, but honestly, considered it a great night.

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Also did some wrestling.

I love rolling people from bottom turtle! Honestly, unless they can grab your far side lapel and pull their arm “towards them” so that their firearm is basically across your back, or grab you by your actual hip bone/Iliac crest, then you can trap their arm and roll them if their “lower foot” isn’t all the way across posted on your far side (which many people won’t do in Submission grappling for fear of you rolling into a leg lock). Great counter against a Clock Choke if they like to underhook and grab your far wrist as well!

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I’m strictly no gi :o

We were just practicing trapping the arm if they reach too deep in and rolling into kasigatame (did I spell that right)?

How would u sweep using the leg? They told me when I’m attacking someone from turtle to always post out and keep weight on them.
Sorry sento, your more advanced on this than I

Ok, the cool thing is the roll works both Gi and No Gi (they obviously cannot use your far lapel to control you though, so you don’t have to worry about that).

A lot of wrestlers will teach you to hook the far elbow with your far elbow to set up the roll, and while this does work and work well, more experienced opponents will know of that danger and therefore either:

A) hook your far thigh instead

B) put on a “seatbelt”, and either dig their “low knee” (if I were on your right side it would be my left knee) into the space between your nearside Hip and armpit to attempt to set up an armbar/crucifix/clock choke/rolling bow and arrow choke/etc…, pull you into their rear guard, or attempt to jump on your back and sink in their hooks

C) post their “low leg” to the far side (behind your hips) while controlling your waist with their far arm

The cool thing about the roll is that, if, instead of necessarily trying to hook the elbow (or grab the wrist, which I’ve also seen taught) you simply trap the hand/wrist/arm between your arm and body and then (more importantly) drop your weight onto the arm you can still trap it and make the roll work against the first two options. The third option will stop the roll for the most part (though, you can potentially still roll them over their shoulder, it’s more difficult as they can more easily disengage/disconnect from you, though that does make for and easy roll to guard option) but leaves you more potentially exposed to them rolling into a leg lock position.

Does that make sense?

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Oh yea, I thought you were saying you also had to hook a leg at first. Yes, that’s what we were going over

Here’s basically how I trap the arm and roll them. You can just roll and “suck them into the vortex/roll” too but this type of movement makes for less possibility of a scramble once you do roll them through.

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Here is what I mean by posting the Leg to the far side (demonstrated by 6x World Freestyle Champion and 2x Olympic Champion Sergei Beloglazov;skip to 29:55 to see him demonstrate it):

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Jiu jitsu cancelled again yesterday, at least I had sentos videos to watch.
Going to take today off as well. Want to start making sure to hit it twice a day whenever I can. Feel ready to add lifting back in with the bw work.
Resting today, gonna kill it tmorrow. Peace

Morning Work
Thoracic Bridge and Handstand Work

Evening Work
Jiu jitsu. Single leg xguard sweep to (?) leg kasigatame and 50-50 to leg attack. Rolled against three people. 240 lber same rank, 250 lb army guy on leave, and a competing purple belt. First one I submitted a few times with arm bars and heel hooks. Big army guy quickly took top and tried to pass, but I caught him in my lockdown. We stayed there for 4 minutes, couldn’t do anything to each other. Next minute, I managed to get in a butterfly hook and sweep, but ran out of time. Next guy we fought for awhile, he didn’t tap me, but I was expending much more energy. All in all, sub wise, one of my best classes.