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Coping With Time Away

How do you manage (psychologically)when injury forces you out of the gym?

[quote]Lorne wrote:
How do you manage (psychologically)when injury forces you out of the gym?[/quote]

Please, tell me about your childhood…

Pretty well actually.

But I’m always keen to get back in. What kind of injury ‘forces’ you out though? You can always work on other stuff and rehab.

Not that well. I have to do some sort of intense exercise or lift just about every day. Its helps with my anger/depression and over-all well being. Plus I feel lazy when I dont. I just dont feel right if I dont…kinda like not brushing your teeth and showering. Just try to keep working out the muscles that arent injured and dont involve your injured muscle. Trust me, if you dont let it heel properly you might end up haveing a lot of problems with that muscle down the road.

Good luck,

Stay active, rest recover and come back refreshed and ready to kick some tail.

Maybe reevaluate diet with the time on mt hands…

What type of injury would you have that allows NO training??

I’ve been out of lifting twice, once for a motorcycle accident (5 months) and recently a back injury (3 months). The back is iffy still and time out of the gym makes me want to kill myself. hahaha.

Focus on something is all I have to say, staying off T-Nation help me for when I’m out for too long.

Be happy you save gas money on driving to the gym and jerk off a lot?

I’ve been out of training for 17 months and, frankly, I’m not dealing with it. I’m going fucking nuts.

I went fucking nuts a long time ago and now I’m just totally gone. You’d think you’d get used to it and accept it after such a long time period, but I just get more and more distressed every day. A couple days ago I went ape shit and smashed the wall with a bat, and then threw the bat through a window. I know it’s fucked up but being destructive actually makes me feel a lot better.