Coping with Meralgia Paresthetica

i have meralgia paresthetica. i looked it up and i have all the symptoms. have any of you guys dealt with it before? i read doing hip stretches can help and other stretches and i plan on doing what i can to get rid of this. i have done some hip flexor stretches and it got rid of some of the pain.

have any of you experienced meralgia paresthetica?

update: since then i have done light hip flexor stretches and have started doing abdominal and RDls and the pain has gone away completely. i now only have a very slight numbness where it used to be a lot.

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and some severe cases get the saphenous nerve. I suggest suspenders and weight loss to my MP patient (singular)

tveddy, how would meralgia parethetica affect the saphenous nerve?

If you keep the belt tight. Has a lot to do with prominent hips, but just have to compress the nerve. Granted, true MP is only LFC nerve, but any nerve can be compressed. The one MP patient I had also happened to have saphenous nerve anesthesia, but no other L4/5 problems. Loosened his belt and started feeling better in a few weeks.

come to think of it, he was wearing a rodeo buckle.

Does anyone have some good advice on getting past this annoying condition?