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Coping with a Girl with Really Really Long Hair

So I have been chatting it up with this really awesome girl I met a couple weeks ago. Already went on one date and she texted. Me saying she loved how easy going I was and wanted to see me again

Now basically the only thing that throws me off is the really really long hair. I never dated a girl who let her hair grow past her trap/rhomboids area. Her. Hair is a bright red/brownish color and it runs like halfway down her back. It looks ok but I’m just a bit thrown off by it and idek why :confused: anyway I can look past it? I mean are chicks with really long hair praised or seen as attractive?

Chop off her hair when you sleep together… Come on guys, give me a real problem to solve :roll_eyes:


@Irishman92 lel

Embrace it mane. grab it like reins on a horse and ride all the way home.

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What… Chop of her head when she sleeps? Come on mate, that’s a little too far :flushed:

Get her a hat, just hide the issue under a big fucking sombrero

Dunno why but sombreros reminds me of this movie

It used to be that getting the person you are into to change their hair/clothes/car/whatever superficial nonsense was making your vagina twitch was strictly woman’s business (not all women, just the idiots)…

Depends. You’re fine as long as something like this doesn’t happen.

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@strongmangoals Plot twist: OP identifies as an idiot woman. Don’t assume the gender baby pls

Multiple personality struggle?

Just don’t pull too hard, they’re probably extensions.

That seems like awfully strange criteria. How about, if you like her then see her again and if you don’t, then don’t?

How fragile are you that you’re thrown off by never having dated a girl with hair longer than mid-back?

OP: hey guys, I’m dating a girl named Jill Smith. I’ve never dated a Jill Smith before. Are Jill Smiths praised or seen as attractive?


I once dated a girl with a name I didn’t like and asked my buddies for their opinion. In the end… I couldn’t stand dating a girl with her name.

This modern world is not for me :sadpanda:

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c’mon dude, you have to tell us the name

Her name was Alotta Fagina.


You think half way down her back is long? I lived in China for nine years and there that would be standard length.

But don’t over think it. She’ll probably cut her hair of her own accord someday anyway.

Olga - I don’t care how hot you are… I just cant do it.

Just use babe or something to avoid ever saying her name. ez

European? She was hot, wasn’t she.