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Cop Shatters Car Window...


Essentially for no fucking legitimate reason.
Way to go Officer!(Recent upload on YT).


Nothing to see her citizen, a few bad apples, IF THAT, if only she had complied, the officers clearly feared for their lifes, if you are innocent you have nothing to fear.

There, I saved us about ten pages.

No need for innocent electrons to die for this. *

*this made so much more sense when it was trees.....


First law of thermodynamics. Electrons never die.


Actually, I think you create electrons when you make a post, as opposed to destroy. Thread deletion would be the destruction of electrons. There... I'm contributing my making some electrons, its the technological equivalent of planting a tree :D.


Progress then.



Most likely the result of the folks who trained him glossing over the laws and skipping right to ways around them. He probably learned things like, "If a driver won't roll down her windows and then has trouble pulling her ID out of her wallet, then you can make her get out of her car because she may be drunk." No, you can't, officer. He also probably learned that he could legally do certain things because of "officer safety." No, you can't, officer. Officer safety doesn't mean a damn thing legally.

I can almost guarantee he DID NOT learn that a police officer can't force someone to do anything unless he has probable cause to make an arrest.

If he had given her the summons to sign, then she refused to sign, he would have had an arrestable offense. However, as far as I can tell, he had no right to do what he did. Also, if he felt he had enough PC to make an arrest for obstruction or something(I see no way he could have), he could have done the same. In either case, he likely would have needed to inform her that she was under arrest before breaking into her car.


Her behavioural response was ridiculous, he gave her enough fair warning for her to comply to his instructions. This is entirely upon her, maybe his willingness to smash her window was rather brash, but she had entirely enough time to avoid that outcome by not being so unnecessarily rebellious. I'm aggravated by the way she responded to the situation, refusing to resolve the issue calmly and allow the officer to feel at peace in his environment.


I have to go with it is the war on drugs :slight_smile: When they hire cops today , they need them to do as they are told , not use common sense. Other wise common sense would have told the cop that he could charm this young lady , she was clearly non threatening


We have a winner. Of course, there also exists the possibility that the war on drugs is only a way to set precedents that will enable the government to control everything. Just think, sodas may eventually be banned due to the precedents set in the war on drugs...


My common sense would tell me that I don't want to get my arm rolled up in the window of some lady's car so I'd prefer it if she rolled her window down so I can give her the citation.




You wouldn't be able to slide the citation through the opening? She could take the summons from you through the opening, sign it, and hand it back through that same opening. You would never even have to put a body part in the opening. The officer sticking his arm in there was tactically stupid. If she refused to take the summons from you, then you could drop it in. If she refuses to sign it, then you have an arrestable offense.


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Wasn't there a case some years ago where a cop was dragged alongside a car to the point of death because said driver trapped his arm in the window and door frame? Maybe that's what the cop was concerned about.

Isn't is standard operating procedure to wind down your window and place both hands on the steering wheel where the cop can clearly see them?

I can't even watch the video just going off of what people are saying, so I might be totally off.


Well that's exactly IT 'Push'! The officer didn't NEED for the window to be down all the way.

What conceivable threat could be posed by not rolling down the window ALL the way?
The officer's arm could have been safely away from the window the entire time
while handing that skinny clipboard that would have EASILY been handed to the Driver.

This officer would have bitched if the window was rolled three-fourths of the way down...she had it half way down,
more than enough space to get the job done and have them both go on their merry way,
But No, this fuckin' guy HAD to escalate it to the point of making a STUDENT,
a Black Woman who's TRYING to better her life by getting an education, seen as a potential threat by this
P.O.S. via a minor trafiic violation not in the Ghetto, not at Night in some shady area, but on the Campus Grounds of a University
in the middle of the fuckin' day.


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my common senses tells me I could pull the window out if she tries that , and she showed him she would stick her arms out .

This girl did not handle it right but what it shows is this cop is not good at dealing with the public and that should be prerequisite


Picture this scenario...Would a Black Female Officer insist she roll down the window all the way as well?
I think not...no way, and I'm pretty fuckin' confident of that.