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Cooper Test: Train to Run?


Hello guys!!!
I am a 17 year old girl (50kg, 158cm) and i need to get a good school mark...
To be clear: In 3-4 weeks we make in class a cooper test!
A cooper test means= run 12 min and if you reach a certain distance you get a good mark... I need 3km !

The only problem... I don't know how to train my endurance!!!(I don't make much sport at the moment, but I played soccer 2 years ago :slightly_smiling: ) Can you guys give me the know-how how to train running?
Thank you!!!!


Get on a good program, but 3-4 weeks is not a whole lot of time. Start of the summer would have been better.

What is your current 12 min?

The only suggestion for that time frame is prowler push (start with 4 and add 2 pushes a week) twice a week (monday/friday)and hills (start with 4 and add 1 hill a week) on wednesdays.

3 slow runs at slightly slower then what you are looking for (tuesday/thursday/saturday) for recoup and endurance.

next time, start 12-16 weeks prior. Lots of more sensible plans out there for that time frame.