Coolsculpting Thread

I wanted to start a thread on coolsculpting. I’d love to hear from anyone that has tried it. I had kinda forgotten about it, but my wife found some sort of beauty school that offers it for pretty cheap (from students, but I mean they put a cold shop vac on you, is it really that hard to do?).


@wanna_be @magick @tareload @hankthetank89 I think we have all discussed this in other threads before.

The idea behind it is that you can spot reduce fat like liposuction. They claim you can spot reduce 20-25% of the fat from an area each session. I store a lot of fat on the front of my stomach. To have good abs, I think I need to be sub 12% BF. I am thinking with a couple sessions I could have good abs with 15% BF. Not only that, but my arms that stay lean at higher BF, would have a bit more fat on them, making them look better at that BF, and the smaller waist would make them appear even bigger.

I do have concerns about it being vain. It seems exceptionally vain, but I am also spending hours in the gym to look good. Is it really any worse than that?

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Every aesthetic goal is vain so why not?

There are tons of studies to support this tech working; the problem I have with it is the lack of conflicting evidence… You can find conflicting evidence for literally everything in the world, but NOT cool sculpiting. So it raises a few eyebrows.

I will say that my wife did Vanquish with a service like this (Body Contouring With Vanquish: Does It Really Work? | Aurora Medical) in addition to a 3 month run of Phentermine and lost about 10-15lbs in that timeframe. Cost was about $3000 I think? Probably a little less effective than Liposuction, but it was entirely unintrusive so :man_shrugging:

At any rate, these things seem to work for spot reduction whereas nothing else does - so it works well for the ladies who are, umm, ‘gifted’ in the chest region.

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I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of people doing reviews with before and afters. I was certainly underwhelmed with some of them. I think perhaps it needs to be done a few times to really have a decent impact. Even if you do 3-4 sessions, it probably is not going to be on par with liposuction.

IDK, it isn’t like I have a giant gut, but I think how lean I need to be to have good abs is kinda frustrating. Not even that, I just protrude a bit so even in a shirt I need to be pretty lean to not have a gut.

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With an economic recession on the horizon it would seem like a vain waste of money, when the alternative is to eat less… Which coincidentally you may need to do during the recession.

Also, you really trusting first time cosmo-school quality people to perform a semi- permanent procedure on you? Bold, bold move my friend. Let us know how it goes!


Agree; my abs also tend to grow “out” rather than flat from my sternum to my hips.

This might be relevant information as to why some fat comes off and some fat says put for you, if you hadn’t already read up on this.

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I don’t know anything about this, but let’s say it works. Wouldn’t the body come back to its homeostasis fat stage after a while? Like it would want to store it in that area? It’s not like cold can alter your fat-storing DNA sequence.


The only time an economic recession isn’t on the horizon is when we are currently in one. It seems there are always “experts” that think it is right around the corner.

FWIW, it isn’t very expensive from what I have looked at (sub $1000 for multiple treatments).

I actually am fairly lean. I’d just like to be a more comfortable BF% where I am not always hungry and still have a trim waist and abs. Being able to be 15% with abs would be nice for example.

They apply a cold shop vac to your fat over your skin. I’d do it myself if I had the equipment. But I am willing to do minor surgery on myself, so YMMV.

I do know difference between visceral and subQ fat. I’ll take a look at the article though.

Supposedly not. It will come back to the spot but less so than before. If you were 15% BF before and 15% after, you would have more fat in other areas after, and less in the treated area. It changes your fat distribution.

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It’s supposed to kill the fat cells within the affected region, so your body would need to create new fat cells, which may or may not be created within the targeted region.


Wouldnt an ice bath or the cold chamber be better and cheaper

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I think the temp to get an effect which will kill fat cells has to be super low, and for a decent duration (about an hour). I wouldn’t be able to handle that. It has to be localized to be able to handle it.

Dr. Darden has been promoting cold therapy for fat loss for quite a few years with success

10 minutes in an ice bath a few times a week

it is tough to get used to, i have a hard time myself

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I do think it can work. I’ve seen it done with ice packs for specific spots. The question is do you want to have 4 ice packs on your stomach for 30 minutes a day for a year, or pay $200 (from the school I mentioned, normally it’s 3x this price out more) to get a hour session once.

The ice bath thing also isn’t localized. But making your body really cold often can cause your fat to convert to brown fat which your body eliminates. This is just what I’ve heard on this. But I do believe it is valid.

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There was a former model who did it and ended up with a mass under her skin. The detached fat hardened and did not dissolve. There is a risk of that happening. I would opt for liposuction.

I had a friend who did it, and I didn’t see any difference on him. Anything that says it will take 6 months after treatment to see the results sounds bogus to me.


I’ve seen that. Tareload linked a story about that. I think it’s pretty rare, but it is a legit concern.

I’ve heard you can usually tell in 4 weeks, but more like 3 months for full effect. I think generally to get a big change, that one usually needs multiple sessions in the same spot.

That’s a valid concern through. It looks to good to be true.

I got given two sessions for a gift (yes, I did feel insulted!)

I did the love handles area. It did make a visible difference but nothing to write home about. And after a few months I seemed to be back to where I started, I guess your body stores fat where it does, and this doesn’t change that permanently or even especially long-term.

I did it at the same time as some-one else who did their double-chin, and it dramatically improved him, so it clearly has its uses, but I’d say for people who train it’s probably not money well spent.


I would too! But that is an expensive gift!

This is valuable info. I am not interested if it is temporary fat loss in an area, but it comes back like it did before.

I would only be interested if it can change where I genetically store fat to make my distribution more even. Even fat distribution can have a big impact to the physique IMO.

Thanks for chiming in. Someone who has actually had this done is a great data point.

It seems to me that this is not effective, unlike liposuction. In places for which liposuction was performed, fat deposits no longer accumulate. I first decided on liposuction 2 years ago after the birth of my first baby. After pregnancy, my stomach looked like I was expecting another baby. I tried to lose weight, but nothing helped until the surgeon explained that this is a common problem for women. The procedure took place at, so I wasn’t worried. If you cannot remove fat deposits from a certain area of ​​your body, then liposuction is the best way out.