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Coolest X-Men Character?


Ok, you know and I know that Gambit is the coolest X-men character ever. But just because I'm a considerate guy, I'll leave it up to a poll for those delusional people who don't agree with me. So yay or nay? and post your pic and why he's cooler than gambit (yeah right)


Gambit is pretty cool, but Deadpool is awesome cause of his smart ass personality.


Gambit without a doubt. Wolverine the origins does a good job with him too. Deadpool was kinda dissapointing.


Sabertooth all the way, hes like vegeta of dbz

the Alpha Male of the series


Deadpool and Gambit are awesome. Wolverine is overrated.

I still think Magneto is one of the greatest characters (and villains) ever.




Cyclops.....nuff said


Morph ?


Awesome villain for sure.


Dammit, I really wanna watch the animated series from the early 90's now.


Anybody else think Cable is an a great character ? Even if his back story is confusing as fuck ?


You could have just edited your first post and put all ur questions into one post but fuck that your to cool...


Hell yes! It took me a minute to decide on him or Apocalypse. I would love to see a Cable movie...done by Zach Snyder.


I don't recall Deadpool being an X-Man. He was on X-Force with Cable and Domino for a time.

Gambit always played the loner well, plus he has a way with the ladies.


Psylocke (tied with Rogue) is probably my favorite female character. Not only is she a stunning, exotic female character, but she bouncing back no matter how hard the Marvel writing staff fucks her over.


Its also pathetic how she got fucked over in X-Men 3.


But overall...Colossus is the MAN.


The girl just can't catch a break.

And everybody (except Wolverine) got fucked over in the X-Men movies.


Ryan Reynolds said that if he ever gets to do an honest to God Deadpool movie that he wants Cable to be the bad guy. He wants a Cable vs. Deadpool movie.

How can you not like the guy ?


Is that all you wanted to say ? Nothing more to add to the topic at hand ?

And as long as we are gonna be dickholes and nitpick little things.

I'm too cool.

Not to cool.