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Cooler/Food Storage Bag


One of my friends just bought something like this for $70. Worth it?


Me and my training partner saw SO many of those things at the Arnold last year. We had a good laugh before we got there about "Dude I bet we'll see people walking around the expo eating sweet potatoes and ground beef out of tupperware containers every two hours hahaha!"

But then we got there and that's literally how it was...


Hahaha that's hard to believe people still think that way. Sadly also that's not as bad as my buddy who posted pics of 6 different meals + 2 shakes he prepped the night before (all different meals) and packed into this to keep with him all day.

I actually spend less time and money on eating than my nonlifting peers. Its not that complex. Anyways, if anyone is reading the OP seriously, go get some nice glass Pyrex Tupperware that'll outlive you.


That thing is pretty sweet. I wish it was a little smaller and a lot cheaper but it's pretty awesome.

I've gone through a few lunch boxes because they weren't the right size. When I work 12-14 hour shifts I need to bring lots of food plus a shake or two. This thing looks pretty sweet.


70 bucks? Seems like a lot for a glorified cooler... Also, how much food can you actually fit in there? Those tupperware containers look kind of small...

But to be perfectly honest, if I had an extra $70, I would probably buy it.


If the $70 included nice tupperware (and a full set, so maybe 5 pieces of each), I'd buy it. I've got a pretty nice set now, but I just lug everything around in a grocery sack, lol. I don't think my current stuff would fit in that, though.


Not as bad as this fucker for $250.



I've had one of these for years now. Very convenient (soft sides so it's flexible), and it looks like a large sized laptop or messenger bag so you don't scream meat-head to people around you. I like to be able to choose from my many different sized tupperware when fitting in my food for the day (next few hours), so those 6-pack coolers and the many rip-offs just seem like a waste of money to me.



Nice try Stu ...

It might not scream it, but it still whispers it




A bodybuilder douchebag staple.

I need one. :slightly_smiling:


lmao hey, I can admit that I've got 3 different sized coolers depending on how long I'm going to be out. I've even used two at the same time when I've had to stay overnight somewhere and needed to stay on my #s.



I've got the same set up .... Drives my wife crazy

"Do you REALLY need all of these ....?" Lol


Just slap a red cross logo on it.
You will be out of trouble.
Untill there is an emergency around . . .
Is it designed so you might keep some hot and some cold ?


I got sent one of these to review for a magazine I was working for. They never used the article but I got to keep the bag. I tried to see if I still had it but all I could find were the amateurish photos of me using it!

It's a useful piece of kit if you have pre-prepared meals that need kept cool. It comes with gel packs that you put in the freezer and keep it cool for hours. I have the three meal version which is a little short and a large shaker won't fit in the side pouches. The tidy tray is useful if you have pills or nuts that need to be kept tidy.

I find it too bulky and too fiddly to use on a regular basis. I normally just grab my meals out of the freezer and go. However if I'm traveling a distance and will be away from home for a long day, it makes sense.


Nice, if it came with glass containers I would consider it more. Right now I just pack everything in a backpack, but it risks my books and computer


Looks useful. After making the mistake a couple of times it's hard to trust staged pics, but that seems like it'll hold a significant amount of food.

Are the zippers smooth and durable or do they seem catchy like they'll snag up and break easily?


My wife bought me one at the Arnold a few years back when they were introduced, she got it for $40 a the expo which was fine, $70, not so sure. I have the 5 meal one and I like it a lot, it easily holds 4 containers of meals (supposed to hold 5 but I use a lot of my own containers), full size shaker, I use ziplock bags for powders so I bring 6 at a time, keep oatmeal packets in there, salt, pepper, hot sauce. I have found it to be fantastic for overnight stays. When I'm only at work for the day I use a smaller lunch box.

My only issue with these bags is the cold packs, they are really flimsy and ended up tearing open on me, I found some better ones and have been using those instead and that made it even better for me.


They feel quite durable and don't feel cheap. I haven't used mine long enough to say whether they will last daily use/abuse though...