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Cool Wrists for Performance

I recently ran across this article:

“Using the RTX system while exercising under a thermal load increased athletes’ endurance by 25%, increased the initial recovery rate by 50%, and increased fat oxidation by 15% - meaning the athletes burned a greater percentage of fat instead of carbohydrates during exercise.”

Apparently, it’s not exactly the same as the old trick of running your hands/wrists under cold water. When you do the latter, your blood vessels contract and restrict blood-flow. This device uses a vacuum to draw blood to the skin and keep up blood-flow.

Anyway, I thought this was fun food for thought.


“While traditional body cooling systems such as ice vests, wet towels and misting fans may feel like they’re working to the benefit of the user, they’re actually quite ineffective at reducing the body’s core temperature, as they work against the body’s natural insulation and heat retention systems.”

Actually, ice vests have been found to be effective in reducing increases in core body temperature in fire fighters performing work tasks in full protective gear…