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Cool Website


Check this website out..


Calorie calculator, well u put how many cals u wana eat in a day split up into 5 meals, good food items as well. defo worth a look.


Also u can dicate the macro's as well.

So you can put in what % of each macro you want for the day and it adjusts the diet to suit. Choose and eliminate what foods you like as well, so if you don't like eggs for example it won't suggest them for you.

Cool as fuck if you ask me.


Good stuff!

Thanks Marz!


I finally started a useful thread lol!


Not quite


And boom goes the dynamite




Well fuck me in the ass. Oh well it was fun while it lasted... I'll troll the internet for a few more weeks to try to justify my existence on this website.


Don't be glum, chum!

I never saw the other thread so thanks for pointing it out.


:slight_smile: thanks deb! To the rest of you... Fuck you lol






Whoever made the site, it's great.


Love this thanks !