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Cool to be Fat and Out of Shape?


i'm seriously wondering what the hell is going on with all these shows and articles being written. shows like Biggest Loser aka The Only Reason to Lose Weight is $250k, More to Love aka Big is a normal acceptable thing to this crappy article stating that its cool for men to have guts. Why are they trying to ease us into this slow death and confuse us so we can be cash cows ( pun hugely intended)?

It's Hip to Be Round

not sure if the pic is going to post correctly but if anyone on here knows how can you leave me a msg. thanks.


I just saw that article on the NYT. WOW is all I can say.


I hate the biggest loser. I think it's shit that people only lose weight to get the money, like it's the only incentive good enough. What about their health, preventing an early death? Nah, it's just for the money. All the tears on the camera "aww its so hard to diet..." "aww the exercise is hard..." Yeah no shit, it's not gonna be easy is it? Some of these people (I see the UK version) think that they're the only people working that hard to lose weight... Obviously they've never been to T-Nation... or they'd know to work hard and quit whining about it. I lost 75lbs this year and I didn't cry one bit :smiley:

I also hate all this "fattism" culture I've been noticing lately. Apparently fat people don't like being told they're fat. It pisses me off that my fat work colleagues take more sick days than me and still get paid the same as me. Grr.

Ok. Rant over. Back to playing Call of Duty 4.


I hope they keep promoting it, since it makes me look better.


Sure, I bet that's the only reason they're on the show. I bet the only reason you lost weight was to get pussy too, eh?

Which leads me to my next point; people who lift weights only do it for attention.


It's almost like keeping up with yourself to eat well and stay active cost and takes A LOT time.

Fucking American TV


Sure, I bet that's the only reason they're on the show. I bet the only reason you lost weight was to get pussy too, eh?

Which leads me to my next point; people who lift weights only do it for attention.

OR they're in love with their own body.


bullshit. I don't buy your biggest loser logic a bit


Most of those pix are of people with an anterior pelvic tilt.


i hope they keep promoting it so that i can just keep bulking.

pass the gravy,



And a bit of a gut. Both are byproducts of a sedentary lifestyle, so it's hardly surprising that they often occur together.

That article was incredibly stupid. This is more telling:


Compare TV and eating to sports and personal care...


I'm not gay.

I didn't mean it bad on anyone... I just watched the UK version and the Australian versions and it came across as being all about the money. People were voting off biggest threats and it was all game play, as if the losing weight part of it wasn't the main focus, the contestants even admitted it.

For people who were on there to lose the weight to get healthy, all credit to them. I just look down on the people who were there to win. Sorry if I offended people...


i hope this trend catches on


Why do all those guys look like they are pregnant?


I'd gladly opt for putting on weight if I was offered a guaranteed spot in that show to demonstrate just how it's done, and come out 250k richer. It just pisses me off that it's a show about people's trials and tribulations against each other with a 250k incentive to lose weight... LOL! It's like watching Big Brother except even MORE painful when animosity inevitably arises.

I feel sorry for all the fat people watching the show. I can imagine them sitting there on their sofas eating away in disappointment at just what could be; "If someone could only pay me money to lose weight", Jabba pouted. Bleh... Perhaps it's just me though, but watching a congregation of fat people sweat buckets and bitch over how much pain they're in from walking 100 yards isn't entertainment.

Sure, it's funny for the first couple of minutes but it gets on ones tits after a while. And the fitness instructors... UGH! Their soft-hearted leniancy almost brings me to anal prolapse due to rage.


Well then, it looks like the hundreds of guys logging on talking about how every woman wants small guys with a tiny amount of muscle and some abs will now have to change their goals once again if they plan to stay on top of what nearly all women want or what is in style.

Get to it, bros. Being chic is hard work.


At least this will make me "in" with the current trend when I'm bulking =D


fucking hipsters


Yes, I've found this to be horse shit, anyways. I get more female attention being bigger, which I didn't think would happen.