Cool Tips Critique

Ok, the cool tips tries to explain why pull-ups are better than pulldowns, yet it only explains the reason being when pulldowns are done incorrectly. This is hardly a reason for one exercise being better.
If done correctly the pulldown is the same movement as a pull-up.

Not to get into a debate as to which is superior, just trying to discuss the faulty logic of the cool tip. Or am I off base?

I don’t think it is the same movement. In the pull up you are moving and unstable load up and the pulldown is moving a stable load down. Is the squat the same as an inverted leg presss? Both are decent movements and serve a purpose but I think we all know which is superior.

I think Coach Staley calls the pull up the “upper body squat”. I have seen many 200 pound men who can do sets of 10 on the pull down with 200 pounds but can’t do one pull up.