Cool Tip - What about Depth Jumps?

Great Tip! I often do a maximal jump before a heavy lift, and it usually helps.

What about depth jumps, though? I have tried doing depth jumps before maximal lifts a couple times and have often missed the lift and gone on to complete it successfully without doing a depth jump before the attempt? Is it a bad idea to do depth jumps before a maximal attempt, or is my experience just a fluke?

Ross Hunt

I see you read the latest cool tip. My idea on it is that doing one maximal repitition jump causes enough stimulation to arouse the nervous system without fatiguing it, therefore waking it up. A depth jump however is much different, because it is a shock movement. The strain placed onto the nervous system is much greater than that of just a regular rhythm jump, therefore CNS fatigue sets in, and the lift could be unsuccesful. Just thought id take a stab at it.