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Cool Tip - One For The Aussies


"Today's tip comes from Stuart McGill:

No Best Way

Never get married to a single philosophy. As soon as you know it all, shake your head because you're probably missing something. Listen to all kinds of different people; don't throw away all of the things you've learned over the years and follow one guru: there is no single fitness god! And if you find someone that says they've found all the answers, be wary. It's nice to hear the experts say they don't know."

With that kind of advice, no wonder he's not a god like Warney

Though I doubt many would call Warney a fitness god.

Damn this was a pointless post ...


Are you sure that it is our Stuart McGill?

And I am really worried about you calling the biggest stain in Australia's sporting world (Warne) a god. Very sad.

Yeh he can bowl, but god damn he is a wanker!


Amen to that, whats really sad is how frequently you hear about him, and his misses, for shit that isn't even cricket. I can't remember the last time I saw a paper / womens magazine that didn't feature him / the wife [and never about his sporting prowess].

Other then that its a pretty solid tip, I wonder who really wrote it?


Talk about wankers! :slightly_smiling:

I am guessing it is the Canadian spine guru Stuart McGill



Warne is a jerk.


The guy with the quote is Stuart McGill, the leggie is MacGill. Check out EC's recent interview with the former

I agree, Warne's a dick, but say what you want about his antics off the field, what that man can do with a cricket ball has never been done before and is unlikely to be done again. I'm sure if his skills could be quantified like an IQ, he'd qualify as a genius

Funny story, a couple of years ago, we were driving past Brighton at 2am one Saturday night and pulled up next to a sports car at the lights. Glanced into the car next to us and there were two young chicks in there, not a day over 22, one in the back and the other riding shotgun. No driver. Just when the lights turn green, Warney's head pops up, shoots us a guilty look and the car speeds off. Still laughing about it today


After watching murali what murali just did to us though m8. Next year you should just prepare slow turning tracks to neutralise our pace attack and then play warne and macgill. You'd destroy us. We're really good players against pace bowling but shit against spin. Leading wicket takers for opposition in recent series

Bangladesh: Rafique
Australia: Warne
Pakistan: Kaneira
India: Kumble
Sri Lanka: Murali

Notice the trend, our last 5 series the top wicket taker for the opposition has been spinners, if spinners were not allowed we would be by far and away the best team in the world, because
A) We don't have one, though monty could be good
B) We can't play it...


I think that is all you need to say. Although I cant give you too much shit until we have the Ashes again.

I managed to get my tickets for the first day of the Sydney ashes test last week. Only 7 months to go before we destroy you boys and get back what is rightfully ours.